Monday, December 15, 2003

Ok .. I know I know .. i MUST say something about the arrest of Saddam

How does it feel like? haa?
Everyone is expecting me to answer.

Salam told me that some of my analysis about Saddam's capture are "political incorrect", so allow me to be politically correct and please everyone :")

Saddam was a bastard, yessss .. a bastard. He doesn't even know his father! haa haaaaa (was that funny enough?)
Saddam was such a criminal, a serial killer; stole the lives of millions of Iraqi people (e.g. Halabcha hyper_extra famous story), and other millions from his neighbors' people (Iran, Q8 (including the 600 prisoners), maybe some Jordanians and Palestinians too).
Saddam dried the marshes, and killed other millions of birds and fishes.
poor birdies :"(
(We can call him the environmental non_friendly bastard)
Funnyyyyyyyyyy!!! :")

What do you want to do with him?
No, don't kill him. Let us start the Saddam Show first, (let it be more funny and interesting than the Milosevic one please).
Put cameras in his cell, haaa Haaaaaa :") and let us watch him sitting there, on his bed, alone, remembering his dreams, and nightmares, understanding the meaning of true life.

did I forget to mention the mass graves? :"O

shout and jump .. everybody say woooooooooooo
scream scream scream scream

Aaannnddd .. Let's party


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