Tuesday, December 23, 2003

I think that I have a problem!
I am,,ehh,,over friendly?
is there such a thing?
I dunno..I know that a lot of girls think that am in love with them!!
I mean..It seems that men ARE really pigs..So when women c one nice guy..They just cant believe it..And when they meet an extra nice guy (as myself ;) they think" men cant be that nice..He must be in love with me"
should I slap *them*some times or something? :)
- hey..Good morning...Then bon..A slap..Then she thinks" ah .This is a normal guy..Its safe to hang up with him" :)
sow..I need some help here ..
take care of yourself..Don't show my blogging to your mams,,remember that our mission is not to let them know who we really are.

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