Sunday, June 24, 2012


 Why were people’s priorities lost?
Monday 18 June 2012
Peace be upon you..

I don’t know why the world around us transformed to a meaningless, desperate and silly place. Is this only felt by those living in our region where there are wars, occupations, and continuous political conflicts that exhaust our nation’s wealth and people’s energy while wasting our time without valuable achievements. Or is this how everyone living on earth feel?
When a poor man suffers and not find someone to support him and a sick man doesn’t find anyone to hear his complain or help him out, this life loses its meaning. Why did our hearts harden and why did we lose our priorities. If we refer back to our religion, we find it promoting mercy and care about the needy. But where is religion from our lives? I don’t mean rituals such as prayers, fasting or dressing modestly, but I am talking about the impact of religion on our hearts and our behavior. Unfortunately, most people around us are not impacted by religion in nowadays…
I lived in Iraq, Jordan and Egypt. I also spent few years in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. Life is the same in all these places and it seemed as if I didn’t leave the place. Rituals are the same in all of these countries. The leaderships in all these countries don’t belong to their nations and don’t reflect their people’s volition. They are characterized as anti-religion and anti-Islam political leaderships that are only looking after their interest. People always copy their leadership. At the beginning, a conflict and struggle occurs, but by time, people get tired and take the silent act. Their hearts then die, and they become corrupted just like their leaders. They will become dead in their heart and conscious.
Unfortunately, this is what I see on the ground. If a parent calls from Iraq requesting that an organization support him to treat his son, I spend days asking here and there without an answer. There aren’t any organizations that work to treat children in Iraq. There is no budget for that and organizations are not able to provide any help to anymore. Iraq is no longer the world’s priority to receive aid. This is the answer I received. I shake my head and say thank you. Business men are busy earning money. Their faces change if an individual or an organization knock their door for help.
They ask, where are the governments? Why the governments are not assuming their responsibilities toward their citizens? The answer usually is that our governments are either busy with stealing, administrative corruption and lying to their citizens. They could be also busy fighting with other political parties over power. Who thinks about the citizen and his needs? What’s this crab? What are you talking about? In what planet do you live in? The answer: I don’t know which planet we live in. the world of corruption and corrupted people who have assumed higher ranks and no one can confront or beat them. Allah Almighty only can beat them. Each one of them will come to a day in which he will have great regret, but regret will not do them any good then.
People who have chosen to hold humanitarian and voluntary social work to help those in need know that their resources are limited. Therefore, their efforts remain limited. But what’s the alternative? This is much better than passiveness, withdrawal and complains. It is better that lining up with those with dead hearts and conscious…and there are many of those around us who eat, drink and laugh thinking that this life is the best they can learn and do…
This life is a journey in which we are subjected to a very difficult test. It is not to facilitate entertainment and happiness. During this journey, people lose many principles and priorities. Good for someone who remembers the principles and hold on them till the last minute. I believe that such person is very close to God and among those who love and loved by God. Because his heart stayed alive and conscious about what is going on around him. He accepts difficult responsibility that is difficult and heavy to carry by heart and soul. This heavy responsibility gives a feeling that he’s alive. He feels the pain and joy and react with all what happens around him. He is much more happy than those with dead hearts because the later lead a selfish empty life that is meaningless and filled with boredom. Even if they owned the world in their hands, their life remain empty, meaningless and worthless. Aren’t we all supposed to ask ourselves: what value did I add to other people during my life? I hope that each one of us ask him or herself this question every day. He might awaken our hearts and minds. And he might encourage us to do something useful to other people before we leave this life…

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