Sunday, March 18, 2007

Good evening
I got this email today from an American friend, her words opened my wounds...
Iraq is still in chaos since 4 years, and we still out of our country, our homes.
waiting, day after day, to go back home..

Faiza, isn't it so ironic?!
if only us people, all good ordinary people ran the world, not these ugly governments. that sounds more like real democracy to me!.i can't believe in a few days will be the commemoration of the beginning of the war four years ago. Iraq is a survivor -- and we will keep working against those who destroy the joys and beauties in life, and working for those who just want to relax and lay their head down on their pillow in comfort and peace, without having to worry desperately about the safety of everyone and everything dear to their lives.
i'll be emailing you soon, much love and peace -

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