Sunday, April 16, 2006

Good evening..
this is a small part of a long letter I got from a new friend , today.
with all the pain in my heart about Iraq.
I saw the same pain in his heart ...
makes me believe we are alike , people from different nations and cultures are alike, we want peace for our families, our countries, our future.
there is bunch of thieves and criminals who are the only benefiters of this war.

During the anti-war marches I took my eldest son on one, he was about four at the time and I put him on my shoulders for the long walk. It was a moment of great pride when I heard him taking up the chants of "No War!" Sure hedidn't know what it meant, but I hope he remembers that moment for the rest of his life. When I'm watching the news he asks what's going on, why I'm so angry and I have to explain to him, he then asks why people are doing such things, why are people on TV crying. I explain to him that far away there is a war where very bad people are hurting others and its very dangerous. I then reassure him by pointing out we live in a very safe place, where everyone has enough to eat, where we have clean running water and there are no wars. When I'm doing this I feel nothing but shame. I wish I didn't but Ido.

I hope you manage to come to Britain, Faiza. The reality of what is going on needs to be told, in both directions. We here need to hear the truth, the Iraqi people also need to hear that we do not support this war, that it is not in our name. I hope to God that it ends soon but how we shall ever eradicate the stain on our nation is something I believe to be impossible.

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