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Sunday, December 1, 2005

Good Morning…

There are many and various news in Iraq. I see it going in the right way. Of course, I don’t mean the way Bush wants. But the real and rational way that should happen on real grounds…
I see that the Iraqis understand what is democracy and right of speech. They deal with it in high spirit. I don’t mean the blood seeking gangs and militia of course, but the people in general. I mean people who are not captured by the media camera of the western countries. They live the real struggle to gain their right of speech and the right to discuss what takes place in Iraq and what is going to happen in the future.

After less than 3 years, I see that the Iraqi stands are becoming more clear, solid and mature. This pleases me and gives me the impression that things are going the right way and that the Iraqis have the awareness and intelligence that will enable them to exit the darkness of occupation and the dark forces that entered Iraq with the bloody occupation that destroyed and torn Iraq…

I’ve always said that my only bet is on the intelligence and the awareness of Iraqis. Despite all the darkness around them and despite the oppression, military forces, armies, weapons, thieves and mercenaries that are lurking to Iraqis and Iraq, the 6000 years of human civilization on the land of “Rafedain” (the two rivers) give this nation the ability to stand these crises.

I’ve always said it is a matter of time…the obvious change will come by time. People will become more aware and will learn how to distinguish between a lie and truth. They will learn with time distinguish the parties and leaders who work for them from those opportunists who only wants to reach the top by climbing on their shoulders. The next days and years will present new leaders to Iraq. The nation will realize that all their demands of freedom, independence, descent life and building the nation will be achieved by standing by those leaders.
The monkeys who cheer and supported the existence of foreign forces on the Iraqi soil will fall…
The occupation will leave first, followed by the companies that came with it to steal the wealth of Iraq…
I know that the road is long, but the dream deserves the sacrifice. And GOD will uphold the faithful believers.
GOD is their resort at such time of crisis
GOD will not turn down those who believe and prayed for support…..
I learn the news about Iraq from the local Iraqi TV channels that report interviews with regular people, officials and men and women in the opposition parties. This helps me estimate where Iraq is heading.
Two days ago there was a seminar and dialogue between streams pointing out their point view about what takes place in Iraq and where it is headed.
The governmental stream says that everything is going very well and things are improving. They added that some people exaggerate about the transgression that takes place in the streets of Iraq…and that the bursting target terrorists. Small transgression happens here and there.
The opposition says: there isn’t any exaggeration and that there are many prisons and jails. They added that the Iraqi associations that defend the rights of Iraqi men and women have a list of victims and details of torture and oppression that happened to them and that the government is evading investigation and punishing transgressors.

We don’t object any bursting to catch terrorists, but we demand respect for the humanity of Iraqi citizen and not to burst a house without a court order and that the accused stand in front of a judge within 24 hours at most. We demand that people are more respected while in custody. Don’t put 300 people in one room so that they can’t breath, sleep or rest. This is not acceptable. Allow arrested people to see their families and allow them to hire a lawyer…
We don’t ask you for miracles. You say that you are a government elected in the name of the people and work for the people. Those arrested, aren’t they people?
We all want to live safely without terror, violence, killings and thieves, but we don’t want oppression against anyone or harm falls on anybody. Those arrested turn to be mostly innocent people. OK, prosecute the guilty and free the innocent. Don’t keep the innocent in jail for other reasons (I know the other reasons, meaning: blackmail and asking for money from the family of the arrested person. Just like what happened with us when they arrested my son Khalid)
Of course the face of government official turned red and said to the opposition, yes I agree with you brother. You are right and we will punish those transgressions.
I smiled and wished that I was in that seminar to ask him: When do you plan to do that?
The government was appointed almost 10 months ago. The same mistakes and silly practices occur. Most people in the Iraqi street start to complain from the faults of this government. The government promises every month to improve the situation and that there are great plans in process and nothing but oppression and painful news instead. There are more scandals revealed regarding transgressions, arrests and human rights violations…
People stopped asking for services. People are terrified and occupied with the stories of missing or arrested people. These cases prevailed over the rest of demands…
The government representative said that some transgression are committed by officers in the Iraqi Interior Affairs who were in the old removed regime “Mubad” (This is a nice expression that reminds me with insecticide “Mubeed”
The important thing is that the opposition representative answered and said: Brother these stories happen almost every day. Iraqi police cars arrive after 12 at night to siege a certain area and attack houses, break furniture and arrest men, take them, and few days later they found them dead and thrown in the street or the morgue. Other times they disappear. Those policemen wear the official police uniform, use the official wireless police phones and use the official police cars. How do you claim that they are not police?
Or are they transgressors?
I saw a couple of reports on non-government Iraqi TV station yesterday:
In the morning and in Al-Najaf governorate: I saw an interview with a family and neighbors of an Iraqi man who was killed by a knife in front of his wife and children in a burst to his house by American force accompanied by Iraqi National Guard.
The cameras showed the man’s corpse where his body was sewed from the abdominal area to the neck. His face was covered with blood coming out of his mouth and nose. People cried and cussed George Bush, his army and his war on terrorism and asked: Is this war on terrorism? You enter people’s houses and kill the man in front of his family? This is terrorism!
My eyes were glued to the TV screen…..

No matter his crime is, he wasn’t supposed to be killed in front of his family like that. Where is the courts and justice system then?
America declared war on Iraq and took down the Iraqi former regime to teach Iraqis lessons on how to respect authority, law, and justice systems.
OK, what is the occupying force doing?
Is this the doing of democratic country that respects the law?
Is this the good example they are setting for the Iraqis after the fascist Saddam Hussein?
What alternatives did you give Iraqis?

In the evening and from Al-Sader city in Baghdad, I saw a report about a bursting of house and missing with the house contents. They arrested men from the house while women kept shivering and crying. Some male neighbors came to the house carrying bullet covers and some other type of lids that at first I didn’t know what they are. It turns out; they burst the house shooting bullets while getting drunk.
My eyes again were glued to TV screen.

These are disasterous behavior that intimidate people and make the occupying unwelcome…
The occupying forces are preparing their coffins with their bare hand…
With this type of idiotic behavior, they push the Iraqis to adopt the idea of kicking them out….
I saw in one of the Internet sites how an American military car moves inside the Iraqi’s cities and streets and how they randomly shoot on any civilian car that gets closer…
Like people said in the report I saw in one of the Iraqi stations: the occupying force is careless about the Iraqi blood, they kill people in the streets, and then they say reimburse the family that comes forward with a complain 2000 USD I believe.
For every civilian killed by the Occupying force, pay his\her family compensation and problem is solved!
O dear, how wise and just is the deal between the current Iraqi government and the occupying force to solve the nuisance Iraqi problems.
OK if this is the type of behavior comes from am authority figure in Iraq then why do we criticize those who kidnap foreigners and kill them?
Proverb says: The prevailing morality is the morality of the majority
It means that the criminals in Iraq are taking the example after the practices of occupying forces
Who are we blaming then?
And who needs to be stopped first?

Then I saw Bush in news saying that he would not pull out his army from Iraq until full victory is realized….
I liked the way he described victory…this man has high ambition. He wants not short of a full victory…
I think it’s like the full independence that the Iraqis want….
America started to loose in Iraq…
It started to loose its reputation and people started to see its ugly face and its actions against Iraq..
If the America Administration lost its reputation in front of the American people, this would be a disaster of course, but the bigger disaster if it looses its reputation in front of the Iraqis.
We say sooner or later the army will withdraw its forces…
It is a matter of time….
A couple of days ago , some friends from a southern governorate in Iraq visited us and we talked extendedly about the current situation and our prediction for the coming election and the future.
Unfortunately, I found them depressed and they don’t see any hope in the approaching election. America will force whoever they want, so what is the use of voting?
America came with its army to take over the oil wells. Even if America withdraw half of their soldiers, it will keep military bases in Iraq…
I laughed and said. Thanks GOD that we all agree on understanding the objectives and intentions of the American occupation in Iraq.
They said :Um Raed, now everybody knows …
I said again: Thanks GOD, then we want something and America does not want to leave Iraq and it will keep dodge and dodge...but are we going to stop trying to push them to leave?
Do we be negative and just watch?

They said: Of course not, but we only hope for a change after the coming government expires. This means after 4 years…
I just laughed and said: I will vote in this election, and there will be a small hope that better leaders will come forward for the Iraqis. Of course our bigger hope is after 4 years not later, In GOD’s willing.
We all know that America will withdraw part of its army and will keep part in their bases…
Its partners will come in the second phase of occupation to invade Iraq’s economy and gear it towards the desire and interest of American companies.
We all know this movie and its details. We saw it before….
But we want to live this experience to make armies and companies leave Iraq…
We want no short of a full independence…
We don’t want to assault anyone…We don’t want anybody to assault us..
We don’t want to steal anybody’s wealth and we don’t want anybody to steal our wealth..
In brief: We are a nation that loves Justice and Peace….
And we see that, this is Justice and Peace….
Translated by Manal

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Sunday, December 4, 2005

Good Morning…
I always wonder about the rationality and irrationality of the stories we hear
I mean how logically and intellectually acceptable
Or the fact that there are many questions and doubts surrounding such story…

For example: This new story, the story of Belgian woman who was married to a Muslim man then she took part in suicide bombing in Iraq against the occupation force. Then they found her passport by near her body….
This story raises some questions:
How rational and reasonable this story is?
This means that the woman committed a suicide in an explosion, how come her passport is around sitting near the body?
Also, couldn’t they test the dead woman’s DNA to make sure that it is her to confirm her identity?
And where is her husband?
And what is her and her husband’s ideological message?
And why the western media made a long story based on interviews with her Mom and Dad revealing that she did not eat with her dad so that she doesn’t watch TV, TV is prohibited (Haram!) and so that she doesn’t see him drinking Bear with lunch and that she wears Niqab that covers her body from head to toe and she became a monster….
And she didn’t visit her Mom when she was in the hospital….
How silly and discriminatory to Islam this story is. It sabotages Islam and dwells on its negativity. It portraits Westerners Muslims, as frivolous people who waste their lives and join Islam to become extremists to explode themselves and go to heaven!
Is this a warning to western women not to marry Muslims?
As Muslims will take them to their Islamic country and turn them to crazy terrorists enjoy killing themselves without any reason?
Who is going to believe these stories?
Aren’t there going to be any questions regarding the reliability of such narration?
And what is the purpose from such stories?
We in Iraq think that in many times, there is a number of cars used for suicide bombing that explodes in a crowded market or a public street were explosions without the drivers’ knowledge then were remotely set off.
I personally know an Iraqi woman who came to Amman for treatment from and explosion debris that was placed in small cart in front of a bank in Iraq. A person gave an old man who happened to be walking in the street frivolous amount of money and said: Please take this cart to the front and place it near the bank and the owner will come shortly. The Cart seemed to be filled with banana as if it belonged to a street merchant…
The poor old man took it and when he got closer to the bank it was set off remotely. The old man was killed and a number of bank female employees were killed. Some were also injured one of whom I met..
The debris hit her spine and currently she sits on a wheelchair asking for donors at human organizations to pay for her treatment. She is in her thirties, married and her income combined to her husband’s income does not cover their daily needs much less treatment that could cost tens of thousands of dollars…
She is back to Baghdad, and she gave me her address to call her and help her as soon as I find a human organization that could be interested to help her….
This kind of criminal, terrorist explosion that targets innocent Iraqi civilians and mix facts on Iraqi soil……
What did they say in the news that day?
Did they say it was an Islamic suicide bomber who exploded himself in front of a bank?
It means that the cart driver was a victim of criminals who killed him and killed other innocent civilians. They dragged the nation into a conflict….
This is a sign of sneaky foreign hand in Iraq that mercilessly wants to shed the Iraqi blood…..
While that, who explodes himself in an allied military force, have come with a clear objective and clear story and clear reasons too.
My son told me in Amman few days ago…
There is a flyer on the supermarket wall that is near our house asking for employees to work as translators who can translate from Arabic to English or from English to Arabic. The salary is over a thousand dollar. The phone number is on the flyer….
I wondered…
The story is illogical…
There are no such work opportunities that pays this salary in this city…..
I went to the office supplies store and found an announcements board inside the store. It included flyers that belonged to people seeking jobs such as physics, mathematics and English teachers. The majority were English teachers. I said to myself, if I called the company that asks for translators, I will find the job taken by now. The country is full of people who are seeking such opportunities….
Also the salary is relatively high compared to the job market standards in this country? What is the nature of their work?
Why didn’t they advertise in the newspaper?
Why did they put the flyer on the back streets’ walls?
I kept thinking all the way home……
I went to the nearby supermarket and found the flyer on the wall. I took the phone numbers and went back home…
There is a local number and a mobile number. I decided to call the mobile since it is night time and after working hours. I figured the company would be closed and the other number will not answer…..
I called the mobile. A young man voice answered. I asked him if the job was still available.
He said: Actually work will be abroad…
I started to suspect something wasn’t right…
I said: Hmm, don’t tell me it is in Iraq!
He said laughing: You’re Iraqi, Aren’t you?
I said: yes…
He said: Yes, work will be in Iraq, what do you think?
Don’t say that I will be working as a translator for the Americans?
Yes of course, in an American Base? What do you think? Are you interested?
He had a happy voice. It was very obvious that he was happy and proud of his job….
I laughed, and I don’t know what kind of humor in a moment like this…
But I said: Thank you. Keep it to yourself…
I hanged up the phone and kept laughing…

I will remember this story as an example of irrational and illogical matters
I think that a lot of stories in our daily lives or in the media are suspicious and irrational and raise a lot of questions, exactly like that add on the wall…..

I watched a couple of reports on one of the TV news channels last week….
One was about the smuggling of drugs to Iraq from Afghanistan vial the Iranian boarder or Shat Al Arab….
The other was on the poverty phenomenon in Israel to government’s exhaustion of state budget on arming its military. Since there is misdistribution of wealth and due to the capitalization system and administration corruption, these types of problems are becoming more familiar in the western and eastern societies.

The first report saddened me a lot. This is another ugly face of War on Iraq..
Under the miserable circumstances that young men are living where there are no job opportunities or income improvement, criminals will find a market to sell drugs in Iraq now. It is suitable environment where criminals will find young poor men who lack have little awareness, religious faith. They will find other criminals and gangs who will pay any price to buy these substances. This will raise the murder and theft crime rate among drug addicts in order to get hold of enough money to buy drugs….

This is a new disaster that faces the Iraqis and targets its young people …

The second report left me wondering…
There are poor people and economy problems in Israel? Who believes that?
Israel presents itself in front of the world as a civil, democratic, and economically prosperous state. Its hostile policy against its neighbors and their obsession of arming themselves to use those weapons for the killing of Palestinians every day and night, it appears that it started to take a toll on the state budget and creates problems inside the Israeli society.
Is this why the United States putting pressure on the Arab countries to include their innocent adorable sister Israel to the big middle eastern family?
Or is it to open the Arab markets for the Israeli products and improve the state’s economy that started to have poverty and unemployment?
Oh dear! How pathetic.
They ran out of money buying weapons to kill Palestinians which lead the country into poverty. And what about those damn Palestinians. They haven’t vanished yet!
So what is the problem?
I always ask myself: why do the west love Israel and defend it? Why do they provide it with mass destruction weapons? Why do they justify all their oppressive doings against us and cover for them. Why do they refuse to deal with international decisions that condemn the Israel policy against Palestinians? Why do they use the VITO to save Israel?
At the same time they hates us, Arabs, and portrait us as the bad guys although we are Semite too?
Aren’t the Arab and the Jews are both Semite nations from the Arab peninsula?
Don’t they have the same grandfather, Prophet Abraham, peace be upon him?
Why did Hitler oppress the Jews among all people?
Why did Britain volunteer the Bellfor Promise and gave them the right to create a state in Palestine?
Those who don’t own the land volunteered, and gave it away…
Why did Britain do that?
Is their really a human aspect to this matter?
They brought them from Europe and other neighboring countries to inhabit in their new statehood. Ok Welcome…
Come and live with us as brothers on the one land share everything fairly and in peace…
But what happened?
Armed terrorists invade Palestine and commit massacres and force the poor, civilian peasants to leave their lands and homes in Palestine...
Then Britain encouraged the immigration of tens of thousands of Jews from Europe to live where those were killed or forcefully immigrated to neighboring countries to live in camps used to live....
Where is justice and humanity in this story?
Then the series of wars between Arab country militaries and Israel supported by America and Britain over 60 years ago. Israel always wins and the scale usually on its side...
Ok, who is winning so far?
I see that all parties are losers...
The Palestinians and the Israelis are both living in hell...
Neither the victim nor the victimizer is happy...
When this is going to stop?
Generations grow here and there and aggressive measures continue...
The funny thing is that a man like Sharon spent his life playing the mass murderer role whose palms drip of Palestinian blood and now seems that he is tiered from this game and decides to change his motto and become man of peace. Oh my God?
OK! They want peace, don’t they?
We also peaceful nation who love peace…
But what kind of peace can happen with a state believes in the diminishing the other state existence
And denying its rights and history?
What type of peace?
Is it the type of yes sir you are right and I am stupid I will obey no questions asked??
Even this type of negotiation will not get the poor Palestinians any gains…
I want to read the Torah; I want to know where the problem is?
I go back to the sad Iraq….
The situation is still worrying and the aggression continues. There are still invisible hand persisting to raise a conflict among Iraqis….
After Cairo Summit, Things were supposed to gear towards calming things up between the different parties in Iraq…
Everybody was supposed to get ready for election to and rationalize the situation according to the choices of the Iraqi people…
But there still are groups that explode, assassinate, kill and shed blood. The victims are mostly elderly, civilians or Iraqi police…
Yesterday, I smiled while hearing George Bush saying that the next step in Iraq is to achieve the national interest among Iraqis and that his administration is working to achieve this matter…
That’s strange!
Who divided the Iraqis to groups and sects and planted evil, riot and sectarianism among them other than the American Administration? And now they play the role of the rational Wiseman who wants to help the idiot disagreeing parties in Iraq to live in harmony??

My GOD be our witness and support
I want to comment on this one new subject in Iraq that raised a lot of questions…
It is about the interference of the occupying force in publishing articles and spreading untrue stories in some Iraqi papers to beautify the picture of occupation and promote it.
We were talking about this subject a lot when we were in Baghdad
We were wondering why some papers write as if it is commercial station that promotes the occupation.
The papers were glorifying it day and night.
And talk about romantic beautiful stories about the occupying soldiers who love the Iraqis and save them from disastrous situations.
The publish pictures of occupying soldiers surrounded by Iraqi children
As if it is sign of love from Iraqis.
And a sign of nobility and humanity that add to the reason why occupying soldiers are around
The west will be glad to see these pictures of course
It proves to them Bush’s point of view that his administration and the war on Iraq is purely for humane reason
Look at the pictures, do you see them?
These pictures are the biggest evidence of soldiers’ humanity and gentleness.
Then the pictures of Abu Ghreib Prison surfaced and blew in the face of those in the west and in Iraq.
After that people here and there started to doubt about the meaning of war and its true motives
After that new pictures were found revealing showing torture inside the Iraqi prison.
And The white phosphoric explosives in Falluja, and the killing of unarmed injured people inside mosques in the battle of Falluja
and the random shooting in streets from their hummer cars that are driven by security guard mercenaries.
The shoot on innocent Iraqis
Just because drivers were not paying attention and slowed down for them

We want the whole world to see the truth about occupation the way we see it.
We always say it is a matter of time
The lying and forging of those paid commercial will be revealed by time
People will open their eyes to see what is going on in Iraq
I still have one question regarding the Iraqi Bloggers. I always wonder about those who cheer for the occupation since the fall of Baghdad and post beautiful pictures for occupation soldiers.
And write all kind of lies against the patriotic Iraqis
Is anybody paying those monkeys?
Or are they a special kind of monkeys who offer themselves for free?
I just wonder…..

(Translated by Manal)

Dear Faiza
This is what a Nobel prizewinner says.,6109,1661516,00.html

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sunday, November 27th, 2005
Good evening…

Iraq is on the brink of the parliamentary elections, in the middle of next month… and of course, all the parties are competing to win people's votes in order to win more seats…
The atmosphere of these elections seems better than the former one, at the beginning of the year… in spite of the continuous bad security conditions, the bad services, and the bad performance of the present government, people are eager to participate, because they became convinced that elections is their only way to get rid of this dilemma, and it is the suitable chance for new Iraqi leaderships to appear; more nationalistic, more truthful, more loyal to the Iraqis, and less loyal to America and the occupation.
The names on the lists are clearer now, and also the programs of every list… and that is the positive character in the situation now… and not like the case of the hastily-boiled elections that was held at the beginning of 2005, which Bush wanted to be held in whatever way, so he could add it to the collection of his great, imaginary accomplishments in Iraq. At that time, many lists were included, lists we didn't know most of the names in them, we didn't know the programs of any list, and in truth, perhaps there weren't any programs; just come on and vote, and that's that. And that's why there was a big percentage of Iraqis, in Iraq and outside, who boycotted those elections, because they thought of it as just a comedy that wouldn't bring any good to Iraq, and our family was one of those people who refused to participate….
Now, after less than a year, the situation has changed a lot in Iraq… people opened their eyes, and the every-day-occurring-calamities became topics of questioning and concern to the Iraqis, they became more convinced that these calamities will not be solved by the hands of anyone but the Iraqis themselves, because they are the only losers every day; the victims, the lost souls, the robbed money, and the black, unknown future…..
Only the Iraqis themselves will change this equation… even America, who claims she waged this war for the Iraqis, finds her self unable to help them, and finds herself in a jam, out of which she wants to get out, by any price… perhaps America does want to schedule withdrawing her troops, but is ashamed of announcing it, so it wouldn't be interpreted as a defeat……
Anyway, facts on the ground say that America will schedule a withdrawal in the near future, for that is in her favor, and certainly in the favor of the Iraqis……
So, we think that the struggle in the next Iraqi elections will be intense between two factions; a faction that sees in the occupier a liberating friend, who will bring on freedom, democracy, and the rosy future to Iraq, a friend who should remain, until he finishes achieving those rosy dreams…..

And a faction that sees in the occupier the reason of the Iraqi disasters; the corruption of the state, the tyranny of the present government, and the former, interim government, because they are composed of members who support the occupation, and that means the occupation will not expose the government's defects, nor the disasters she is committing against the Iraqis…..
In the next nomination lists, we will see two kinds of candidates; a kind we know, and have tried in former governments after the war, and most of their performance, if not all, was bad, for they were either weak, and couldn't perform the role of people's rights defender against the occupation, and achieve Iraq's sovereignty by making the decisions that express the Iraqi's real wishes; like the occupation's evacuation from the country, collecting the national forces under one umbrella, and stopping the daily Iraqi bloodshed…
They didn't achieve anything out of their love and devotion to the people's interest, more than their love and dedication to remaining seated on their chairs…
If I was in an Iraqi ministry, and saw the injustice and corruption spreading, the killings, arrests, and torture still going on, the best thing I would have done is to resign, telling people my apology as to being a part of such a government that doesn't fulfill the least possible of a good life to the Iraqis…
This is the only proof to whoever wants to really prove he's against the actions of these Iraqi governments that came after the war, and a many-times-committed-crime: renewing the existence of the occupation forces without consulting the Iraqi people.
History will keep remembering these governments and the names who participated in it, as the worst governments in Iraq's modern history........... No improvements in services, no improvements in living conditions, no solutions to unemployment, no stopping to the bloodshed on the streets, nor to the bleeding of the public funds that were plundered from the state's treasury, no protection of the rights and dignity of humans, and no emptying of prisons and detention camps. At the same time with all this; they conspire with the occupation, planning to keep it on, and, at the same time, trying Saddam Hussein; well, well, look at yourselves, what have you given to the Iraqis? Where you a better model than him?
I do not think so….
But perhaps they use the Saddam Hussein trial card as a great accomplishment about which they should be praised, thinking it will raise their ratings with the Iraqi people…
And I say- if they would have given services and reduced the daily thefts and catastrophes, yes, perhaps the people would have seen the trial of Saddam as a positive accomplishment…
But in the middle of this chaos and this destruction, the trial comes as another comedy to be added to a series of chaos, and the loss of thing's meanings in Iraq…
I mean, is this trial a symbol of justice?
Where is justice in Iraq after the war?
Who implements justice? The American army, with the raids, the detentions, the bombing of towns, and the killing of people randomly?
Or the Iraqi Interior Ministry, with the series of arrests and assassinations?
Or the sectarian Parties' militia, playing in the arena, backed by the state, and nobody stops them, or takes responsibility for their crimes….
Where is justice in Iraq?
The meanings of the beautiful words are lost, words like freedom, democracy, justice, transparency…, people started hating these expressions, making fun of those who speak about them; because in Iraq, they became black chapters in a silly comedy play.
The meanings of things are lost, or rather- lost their values….
That is why when we listen to Bush's speeches, we laugh and say: look at this man, in which world does he live?
Today, (Monday) I watched a part of Saddam's trial, and in the evening, I watched a report about demonstrations in Al-Dejail town; people were demanding the execution of Saddam because the victims were from that town. I saw the people carrying the pictures of religious referentials, cheering them, and there were some people shouting with loudspeakers- do elect us, because we defend your rights.
Now I understood the meaning of the trial's timing; there are some who await some election's advantages out of it.
It seems that those who work for the people's sake and the love of GOD have perished in this world. Interests became the common language;
Do you have a problem?
Do I gain a benefit from you?
Yes. Well then, let me solve your problem, and get my benefit- I mean, make some advertisement for my self;
Listen, oh people, I am the defender of justice, and the protector of the weak and the poor, so, elect me!
Yes, it seems this is a valuable chance to those opportunists.
And how many of them there are, in today's Iraq ….
Now we see the election's campaign advertisements…
There are some opposition powers who didn't participate in the last elections, which are trying hard to make up for what they have missed. The reputation of these powers now is cleaner than those who already participated before, whose names were blotted with opportunist acts, collaboration with the occupation, their hands were soiled with steeling money, killing Iraqis, or torturing them…
I, personally, wish they would really be more honest, transparent, and nationalistic than the groups we experienced before, who assumed power, and used their positions to hurt people more than making them any good…
Even though the world of politics isn't a pretty world… this is what we see from our experiences on the ground of reality, and from stories told by history…
For most of those who enter the world of politics learn unorthodox ways of addressing people, and deluding them; like evading, tricking, lying, forging truths, or telling half stories, and hiding the other half, like most political leaders around the world do, perhaps they consider it smartness and cleverness, but people see it as an abandonment of principals, and consider these as trust-withdrawing act from those leaderships.
But we hope these new groups will be of those who won't be changed by positions, and the allure of power, that they would fulfill the hopes of the Iraqi people in freedom, independence, improving the living standards, stopping the bloodshed, stopping the public funds thefts, and others of the demands from a long list….
And there groups who joined in the Iraqi governments after the war, who are getting ready to go through elections again; those are in an unstable situation, because people doubt they deserve a second chance, for they gave a bad performance when they had the chance to be in a position to make decisions. They have a lot of money now, money that could be used to lure people or bribe them, to be re-elected. And in spite of the High Commissary of Election's warnings about the illegality of presenting gifts or money to the people to temp them to elect a certain list, I saw a report on a TV station belonging to the Iraqi opposition, in that report there were interviews with women from poor families who were attending a festival held by Ayyad Alawi in Najaf, and in it they distributed gifts to poor families…
I laughed, and wondered: Didn't the occupation forces bomb the city of Najaf when Alawi was the prime minister? And now he is distributing gifts to the poor, so they would love him and elect him?
By GOD, the states of these political leaders are confusing…
Do they think people are fools?
And now, there are some fiery statements by Ayyad Alawi against the occupation and its policies in Iraq…
And so is the case of Parties' leaderships, who were perhaps silent in the past, or in collaboration with the occupation, but today they are enthusiastic and so brave, saying they will defend the rights of the Iraqis in the best way if they should assume power.
Praise GOD, Who changes matters thus…
Should we trust leaders like those, and give them a second chance?
I do not know…. But our heritage says: the believer wouldn't be bitten from the same hole twice.
And of course, the subject of women is now one of the hot cases before the elections…
This is a positive sign…
Each party has a group of women, with programs concerning women; improving their cultural standards, improving their living conditions, or helping women to release their imprisoned sons, husbands, brothers, or fathers. Thank GOD, that because of the occupation's culture, all these expressions entered our lives; the human rights' committees, defending the state prisons' or the occupation prisons' detainees, in Baghdad and other cities of Iraq. Also, there are some civil non-governmental organizations to defend the Iraqi women detained in the occupation prisons.
Any way, I pray to GOD the coming Iraqi elections would really be a process of change to the good of the Iraqis, and I pray to GOD that no one should tamper with the results of the elections, that the results should be true, expressing the Iraqis' wishes in manufacturing the future of Iraq in the way we want, without the interference of strange hands from east or west, without being unfair to any faction of the Iraqi people, or depriving it of expressing its opinion towards the welfare of the country. I pray to GOD to unite the ranks of the Iraqis, and strengthen the call of logic in them… that HE should defeat any voice who wants to trick them, scatter them, or make them the enemies of each other…. That the first result the Iraqis would reap from these elections would be the stopping of the Iraqi blood bleeding, the return of security and quiet to the country, and after that, we can think of achieving the other demands.......
As for me and my family, we will participate in the elections, by the Will of GOD, and we'll chose the list we think was without any black history, and containing as less as possible of the names of opportunists, because I don’t think there will be a list of angels….. And we will watch the work of the prominent symbols of that list after the elections, if they should ever win, to see if their work was really as they promised, and then we will back them up, and encourage them…
And if we should ever discover they are liars and deceitful, who only wanted to reach the chairs, then we shall be the first to criticize them, and demand they should correct the process, and live up to the promises…
And 4 years later, we shall find that our perception has grown, and that experience has revealed new leaders, some of whom we can depend on, and re-elect…and some would make us say: enough, we won't be the fools again to choose this person!
This is usually the process of elections, and these are its expected results… so, we should all, men and women, think deeply before deciding whom to choose?
Because this act will decide the fate of Iraq for this coming phase… for we shall hand over the leadership of Iraq into the hands of a group, whom we should be positive they will carry this trust, or that responsibility in front of them…
We shall not be fools, or dreamers, thinking Iraq will become a paradise at the end of the elections….
We all have a long way to rebuild Iraq, and its future…
And we ask GOD to guide us all, to do what is the best for Iraq, and the Iraqis…
Translated by May/Baghdad.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

الأحد 4 كانون الأول 2005

صباح الخير...
دائما يشغلني موضوع منطقية القصص التي نسمعها , ولا منطقيتها
أقصد مقدار قبولها من العقل والمنطق ,
أو مقدار وجود أسئلة كثيرة وشكوك تتعلق بتلك القصة...

مثلا : هذه القصة الجديدة , قصة المرأة البلجيكية التي تزوجت من رجل مسلم, ثم شاركت بعملية إنتحارية في العراق ضد قوات التحالف , ثم وجدوا جواز سفرها بالقرب من الجثة...
هذه القصة تبعث على التساؤل :
كم في القصة من سخافة ولا منطقية؟
وكم فيها من كلام منطقي و معقول؟
يعني المرأة انتحرت في إنفجار , كيف جاء جواز سفرها وجلس قرب الجثة؟
ثم الا يمكن اجراء فحوصات طبية لمعرفة الحامض النووي للقتيلة هل هي أم لا , للتأكد من هويتها ؟
وأين زوجها؟
وما هو الخطاب الفكري لها ولزوجها؟
ولماذا بنيت قصة طويلة في وسائل الاعلام الغربية من لقاءات مع أمها وابيها وانها لا تأكل مع والدها حتى لا تتفرج على التلفزيون ( التلفزيون حرام ! ) ولا تراه وهو يشرب بيرة وقت الغداء , وانها لبست نقاب وغطت جسمها من رأسها الى قدميها وصارت متوحشة....
وأمها كانت مريضة في المستشفى ولم تزورها ....
كم هي قصة سخيفة تحمل الضغينة للإسلام وتشوه صورته وتبالغ في سلبيته , وترسم الناس الذين ينتمون للإسلام وكأنهم أناس تافهون حياتهم ضائعة لا معنى لها, وانتموا للاسلام حتى يصبحوا متشددين ثم يفجروا انفسهم ويذهبوا للجنة !
هل هذا تحذير للنساء الغربيات بأن لا يتزوجن من رجال مسلمين ؟
حيث سيأخذوهن الى بلاد الاسلام ويحولونهن الى ارهابيات معتوهات يستمتعن بقتل أنفسهن بلا سبب؟
من هو المسكين الذي سيصدق هذه القصص؟
الن تدور في ذهنه أسئلة عن مدى صدق هذه الرواية؟
وما هو الغرض منها؟
نحن في العراق نظن في كثير من الاحيان , أن نسبة من السيارات المفخخة وبداخلها شخص, ان انفجرت في سوق شعبي أو شارع عام, ربما ثمة من وضع قنبلة في السيارة دون علم السائق , وتم تفجير السيارة عن بعد ...
وأنا أعرف شخصيا إمرأة عراقية جاءت لعمان للعلاج من شظايا قنبلة وضعت في عربة صغيرة, أمام البنك, وجاء شخص أعطى لعجوز ماشي في الشارع , مبلغا تافها من المال وقال له : من فضلك ,خذ العربة الى أمام واجعلها تقف قرب البنك وسيأتي صاحبها بعد قليل, وكانت العربة مليئة بالموز كأنها لبائع متجول..
أخذها العجوز المسكين, وحين اقترب من البنك تم تفجيرها عن بعد, فقتل العجوز , وقتل معه عدد من موظفات البنك, وجرح عدد منهن, وتلك المرأة التي قابلتها كانت واحدة منهن..
الشظايا ضربت عمودها الفقري ونخاعها الشوكي وهي جالسة الآن على كرسي متحرك تنتظر من يتبرع لها بالعلاج من منظمات انسانية , وهي شابة في الثلاثين من عمرها, متزوجة, ودخلهما هي وزوجها يكفي فقط لسد حاجاتهم اليومية, وليس لعلاج يكلف عشرات الالاف من الدولارات ...
عادت الى بغداد, وأعطتني عنوانها لأتصل بها وأساعدها حين أجد منظمة انسانية تهتم بحالتها....
هذا نوع التفجير العبثي الإرهابي الإجرامي الذي يستهدف مدنيين عراقيين أبرياء , ويخلط الأوراق على أرض العراق...
وماذا قالوا في الاخبار يومها؟
هل قالوا هنالك انتحاري اسلامي فجر نفسه أمام البنك؟
يعني سائق العربة راح ضحية مجرمين قتلوه وقتلوا المدنيين الابرياء, وخلطوا الأمة كلها في فتنة....
هذا نموذج لتدخل أيد أجنبية خبيثة في العراق, تريد سفك الدم العراقي بلا رحمة.....

بينما الذي يفجر نفسه في رتل عسكري من قوات الاحتلال, نعم, هذا جاء بقصد واضح ومحدد, القصة واضحة والأهداف والأسباب واضحة أيضا....
قال لي إبني ونحن في عمان قبل أيام .....
أن ثمة إعلان على الجدار قرب السوبرماركت القريب من بيتنا , يطلب موظفين للعمل كمترجمين من عربي الى انكليزي أو من انكليزي الى عربي, والراتب اكثر من الف دولار, وموجود رقم تلفون ....
القصة غير منطقية...
لا توجد فرص عمل هنا لهكذا وظيفة بهكذا راتب....
نزلت للمكتبة لأشتري قرطاسية, ووجدت على لوح اعلانات داخل المكتبة , عروض من اشخاص يطلبون عملا, مدرسين فيزياء ورياضيات, ومدرسين انكليزي, هؤلاء أكثر شيء وجدتهم, اقصد انني وجدت اكثر عدد اعلانات هي التي وضعها أناس تخصصهم هو اللغة الانكليزية,, قلت اذن لو اتصلت بالشركة التي تطلب مترجمين, لن أجد شاغرا, البلد مليانه ناس يريدون العمل....
ثم ان الراتب مرتفع بالنسبة لمقاييس البلد , لماذا ؟ ما طبيعة عملهم؟
ولماذا لم يضعوا الاعلان في الصحف؟
لماذا يضعونه على الجدران في الشوارع الخلفية؟
بقيت أفكر طوال الطريق......
نزلت للشارع المجاور للأسواق , ووجدت الإعلان على الجدار , سجلت أرقام الهواتف, وعدت للبيت....
يوجد رقم أرضي, ورقم موبايل, قلت سأتصل بالموبايل, الدنيا ليل, ربما الشركة مغلقة والرقم الارضي لن يرد....
اتصلت بالموبايل, وجاء الرد بصوت رجل شاب, سألته عن الإعلان وهل بقي شاغر ؟
قال : والله الشغل مش هون...
لعب الفأر في جيبي...
قلت له : هممم, لا تقل لي في العراق !
قال ضاحكا : انت عراقية, اليس كذلك ؟
قلت : نعم...
قال : اي والله الشغل هناك, ما رأيك ؟
-لا تقل لي سأعمل مترجمة للأمريكان ؟
- اي طبعا, في القواعد الامريكية ؟ ما رأيك؟ هل تحبين؟
كان صوته مرحا, وواضح انه سعيد وفخور بمهمته تلك...
ضحكت , و لا ادري أي نوع من الضحك يأتي في لحظة كهذه...
لكنني قلت له : شكرا, خليها إلك ...
واغلقت سماعة الهاتف , وبقيت أضحك ...

هذه القصة سأظل أتذكرها دائما كنموذج على لا منطقية الاشياء...
أظن ان الكثير من القصص اليومية حولنا, في حياتنا اليومية أو عبر وسائل الاعلام , هي مريبة ولا منطقية وتثير أسئلة كثيرة , مثل ذلك الإعلان على الجدران.....
رأيت تقريرن في الاسبوع الماضي على إحدى المواقع الاخبارية....
واحد عن تسرب المخدرات الى العراق من افغانستان عبر الحدود الايرانية أو شط العرب...
والثاني عن ظاهرة الفقر في اسرائيل لأن الحكومة تستنزف ميزانية الدولة للإنفاق على التسليح , ولأن ثمة سوء توزيع للثروات ,ربما بسبب السياسة الرأسمالية أو ربما بسبب الفساد الاداري , حيث هذه مشاكل صارت مألوفة في مجتمعات الغرب والشرق....

التقرير الاول أحزنني كثيرا, هذا وجه آخر من الوجوه القبيحة للحرب على العراق..
وفي هذه الظروف التعيسة حيث لا فرص عمل للشباب ولا تحسن في دخل العوائل, سيجد المجرم الذي يروج للمخدرات في العراق الآن , بيئة مناسبة, سيجد شبابا يقبلون العمل معه من الفقراء وقليلي الوعي الديني أو الوطني , سيجد مجرمين وعصابات تشتري هذه المادة وتدفع أي ثمن, وسيزيد هذا من جرائم السرقة والقتل من أجل الحصول على المال اللازم لشراء المخدرات لطبقة من المدمنين...
هذه كارثة جديدة تواجه الشعب العراقي وتستهدف الشباب...

والتقرير الثاني أثار دهشتي...
اسرائيل فيها فقراء ومشاكل اقتصادية ؟ من يصدق؟
اسرائيل تقدم نفسها أمام دول العالم على انها دولة ديمقراطية متحضرة , ومتطورة اقتصاديا , لكن سياستها العدوانية مع جيرانها , وحبها لإمتلاك الأسلحة واستخدامها في قتل الفلسطينيين كل يوم صباح مساء, يبدو أنه بدأ يأكل ميزانية الدولة , ويسبب مشاكل داخل المجتمع الاسرائيلي ,
هل هذا هو السبب في الضغوط الامريكية على الدول العربية من أجل ضم اختهم الحبابة البريئة اسرائيل الى عائلة الشرق الاوسط الكبير؟
أم من أجل فتح الاسواق العربية امام المنتوجات الاسرائيلية , وتحسين وضع الاقتصاد للدولة التي اصبح بها بطالة وفقراء ؟
يا عيني , خطيه !
خلصت فلوسهم من كثر شراء الاسلحة لقتل الفلسطينيين, والبلاد انفقرت,
وهؤلاء الفلسطينيين الملاعين لم ينقرضوا بعد !
هاي شلون مشكلة ؟

دائما اتساءل : لماذا يحب الغرب اسرائيل ويدافع عنها ؟ , ويزودها باسلحة دمار شامل , ويبرر كل اعمالها الظالمة ضدنا ويغطي عنها , ويرفض التعامل مع القرارات الدولية التي تدين سياستها ضد الفلسطينيين ويستعمل الفيتو لإنقاذها ؟
وفي نفس الوقت , يبغضنا نحن العرب , ويشوه صورتنا, ونحن أيضا ساميون ؟
أليس العرب واليهود أقوام سامية من جزيرة العرب؟
أليس جدهم هو النبي ابراهيم عليه السلام ؟
لماذا إضطهد هتلر اليهود في اوروبا , من دون الناس؟
ولماذا تبرعت بريطانيا بوعد بلفور وأعطتهم الحق بإنشاء وطن قومي في فلسطين ؟
من لا يملك الأرض , أعطى وتبرع وتعهد...
لماذا فعلت ذلك بريطانيا؟
هل حقا ثمة أسباب انسانية في الموضوع؟
ثم جاءت بهم من أوروبا ومن الدول العربية المجاورة ليسكنوا في وطنهم القومي, طيب اهلا وسهلا...
تفضلوا وعيشوا معنا كأخوة على أرض واحدة, نتقاسم كل شيء بعدالة وسلام....
لكن ما الذي حدث؟
عصابات إرهابية مسلحة تدخل فلسطين وتقترف مذابح وتهجر السكان المدنيين الفلاحين البؤساء من أراضيهم وبيوتهم في فلسطين ...
ثم شجعت بريطانيا الهجرة لعشرات الالاف من يهود اوروبا ليعيشوا بدل اولئك الذين تم قتلهم وهدم قراهم او ترحيلهم الى دول الشتات ليعيشوا في مخيمات ...
أين العدالة والانسانية في القصة؟
ثم مسلسل حروب رسمية مع الجيوش العربية, لكن اسرائيل تساندها اميركا وبريطانيا منذ حوالي 60 سنة , وهي التي تفوز دائما , والميزان عادة يميل لصالحها....
طيب ,من هو الرابح لحد الآن؟
أكاد أرى ان كل الاطراف خاسرة...
الفلسطينيون والاسرائيليون كلاهما يعيش في جحيم...
لا الجلاد سعيد, ولا الضحية ...
والى متى؟
أجيال تنمو من هنا وهناك, والعنف مستمر...
والشيء المضحك, أن رجلا مثل شارون, قضى حياته وهو يلعب دور السفاح الذي يقطر الدم الفلسطيني من يديه, والان يبدو انه تعب من هذه اللعبة, وقرر أن يغير مساره وأن يتحول الى رجل سلام , يا إلهي ؟
عجيبة مخلوقاتك, وليتني أفهم هؤلاء الناس...

طيب , يريدون السلام؟
نحن أيضا شعوب مسالمة تحب السلام...
لكن ما نوع السلام الذي ممكن ان يعقد مع دولة تؤمن بعقلية إلغاء الآخر من الوجود
وإنكار حقوقه وتاريخه ؟
أي نوع من السلام؟
هل هو من نوع حاضر سيدي أنت على حق وأنا غبي سأطيعك دون نقاش؟؟
والله يبدو ان حتى هذا النوع من التفاوض , لن يحصل منه الفلسطينيون البؤساء أي مكتسبات.....
أريد أن أقرأ التوراة, أريد أن أفهم أين أصل المشكلة ؟

أعود الى العراق الحزين المبتلى....
مازال الوضع قلقا , والعنف مستمرا , ثمة أطراف خفية لا تتوقف عن الرغبة بإشعال نار الفتنة بين العراقيين...
بعد مؤتمر القاهرة, المفروض أن الامور تسير بإتجاه التهدئة بين الاطراف المختلفة في العراق...
والمفروض ان الجميع يستعد للإنتخابات من أجل حسم الموقف بطريقة عقلانية, وحسب اختيار الشعب...
لكن ثمة مجموعة ما زالت تفجر وتغتال وتقتل وتسفك الدماء , وضحاياها من شيوخ جوامع او مدنيين أو شرطة عراقية...

والبارحة ابتسمت وأنا اسمع جورج بوش يقول ان الخطوة القادمة في العراق هي انجاز المصالحة الوطنية بين العراقيين , وإن إدارته مهتمة و تسعى لإنجاز هذا الموضوع ...
عجيب ؟
من الذي قسم العراقيين الى فئات وأحزاب وزرع بينهم الشر والفتنه والطائفية, سوى هذه الادارة الأمريكية؟
والآن يلعبون دور الحكيم العاقل الذي يوفق بين الأطراف الحمقاء المتخاصمة في العراق؟؟

حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل
بقي موضوع جديد بالعراق أثير كلام حوله هذه الايام ,و أريد أن أعلق عليه
وهو موضوع تدخل قوات الاحتلال في نشر مقالات وقصص غير حقيقية في بعض الصحف العراقية
لتجميل صورة الاحتلال وعمل دعاية له
وكنا نتحدث عن هذا الموضوع كثيرا ونحن في بغداد
ونتساءل لماذا بعض الصحف تكتب كأنها محطة دعاية واعلان للإحتلال
وهي تمجده ليل نهار
وتحكي قصصا جميلة رومانسية عن جنود احتلال يحبون العراقيين وينقذوهم من مصائب
وتنشر صور جنود الاحتلال وقد أحاط بهم بعض الاطفال العراقيون
وكأنها شهادة حب من العراقيين
وشهادة نبل وانسانية تضاف الى سبب وجود جنود الاحتلال بيننا
طبعا في الغرب يفرحون حين يرون هذه الصور
وتؤكد لهم وجهة نظر بوش وادارته أن الحرب على العراق هي لأسباب انسانية محضة
شوفوا الصور , هل ترونها؟
إنها أكبر دليل على إنسانية الجنود ولطافتهم
ثم جاءت صور فضائح سجن أبو غريب لتكون لطمة على وجوه الجميع
الذين في الغرب
والذين داخل العراق
وبعدها بدأ الناس يتشككون هنا وهناك في معنى هذه الحرب
ودوافعها الحقيقية
وبعدها جاءت فضائح أخرى من صور سجون وتعذيب داخل العراق
وقنابل فسفور أبيض ,وقتل جرحى داخل الجوامع وهم عزل من السلاح في معركة الفلوجة
وعمليات إطلاق الرصاص بصورة عشوائية في الشوارع من سيارات الهمفي التي
تستعمل حراس أمنيين مرتزقة
يطلقون الرصاص على العراقيين الأبرياء
لمجرد ان سائق السيارة غير منتبه لهم ولم يخفف السرعة

نحن نريد من العالم كله ان يرى حقيقة هذا الاحتلال كما رأيناه نحن
ودائما نقول انها مسألة وقت
سينكشف الكذب والتزوير في الدعايات مدفوعة الثمن , بمرور الوقت
والناس ستفتح عيونها لترى الحقيقة عما يجري على أرض العراق
بقي عندي سؤال يخص كتاب الصفحات من العراقيين
أتساءل دائماعن فئة تصفق للإحتلال منذ سقطت بغداد
وتضع الصور الجميلة لجنود الاحتلال
وتكتب كل انواع الكذب ضد العراقيين الوطنيين الذين يقاومون الاحتلال
هؤلاء القرود هل ثمة من يدفع لهم ؟
أم أنهم من نوع القرود التي تعرض نفسها للبيع مجانا؟
أتساءل فقط .....

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