Thursday, December 15, 2005

Wednesday, December 14th, 2005
Good morning…..
Yesterday I went to vote. These were happy moments for me, for I thought of them as the beginning of welfare for Iraq and the Iraqis, to form a new government, hoping it would be more honest and efficient than the former one, hoping it can fulfill the needs of people and the difficult phase we are all going through, and hoping it would be a beginning to put the destiny of Iraq in the hands of the Iraqis themselves, to rebuild what this war has destroyed, to pull out the foreign hands that got into the land, which wrecked the relations between the land's people themselves, trying by all means to divide them, and evoke civil wars among them. But reality says that those attempts have failed, that the Iraqis were more perceptive and cautious than the expectations of their enemies, and thank GOD for that, first and last, for it is a sign from HIM that HE Bestowed mercy onto the Iraqis, and didn't Intend for them the doom their enemies wanted for them.
But this morning, a picture in the newspapers, by Reuters, attracted my attention; it was the picture of an Israeli man, carrying his identity papers and passport, holding up his blue ink- stained finger in front the camera, happy that he also voted with the Iraqis in one of the voting centers in Amman.
I do not know how?
Was his father borne in Baghdad, for example? So he obtained this right?
And how did this right come to be? Where from?
Does it mean that if an Indian, Pakistani, French or Dutch person came along, who was borne in Baghdad for whatever reason; would he be a citizen with the right to vote?
Isn't this a comedy?
Who put these extraordinary rules?
Did it ever happen in any other place in the world?
If this was justice, well then; I agree
So, let all the Palestinians who were born in Haifa, Yafa, Akk'a, and all the other Palestinian towns and villages ,that were stolen by Israel and given to Jews to live in, let all the people of those towns have the right to vote in the next Israeli elections, and let them have the right to decide the fate of Israel's policy and its future, otherwise, why would that right be given to an Israeli to vote, like any other Iraqi with Iraqi parents who live in Iraq since hundreds of years?
If the Jews of Iraq remained in Iraq, and didn't immigrate to Palestine, if they hadn't permitted themselves to live in houses which their government extorted from the Palestinian residents, if the Jews of Iraq had remained in Iraq; then, yes, they would've had the full right of citizenship like any other Iraqi.
But they went there, and participated in creating an unjust state that built its existence on the ruin, devastation, killing, and dislodgement of another nation, whose people are still scattered in various places around the world.
Where is justice?
And is the project that is based on extortion and stealing other people's possessions, denying them the rights of their heritage and history, is such a project qualified to remain alive? Is it a project blessed by GOD?
GOD is one for all religions and nations, and His measures are one, and HE doesn't Agree to injustice, extortion, and steeling other people's rights.
***************************************************** And then I have another question…
Whom would this Israeli man elect?
I mean; we, the Iraqis, will elect the ones whom we think will make the security conditions, the services and other matters better.
And the Israeli, what would he want? What is the horizon of his ambitions in Iraq?
Don't tell me he will die from sorrow and worry about Iraq, or that he wants welfare, a secure future, freedom, and independence for Iraq.
Oh, perhaps he wants to participate in building Iraq, by bringing in Israeli companies that are suffering from economical recession, those who want to work in rebuilding Iraq, and improve the economy of the poor Israeli state… my ,my, what noble, humanitarian intentions.
life is funny, and we will always see extraordinary things, more than what we saw before, and after the war on Iraq............
Oh, dear GOD, we do ask You to keep us unshakable, in mind, and in faith.
Translated by May/Baghdad.

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