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Good Morning…

There are many and various news in Iraq. I see it going in the right way. Of course, I don’t mean the way Bush wants. But the real and rational way that should happen on real grounds…
I see that the Iraqis understand what is democracy and right of speech. They deal with it in high spirit. I don’t mean the blood seeking gangs and militia of course, but the people in general. I mean people who are not captured by the media camera of the western countries. They live the real struggle to gain their right of speech and the right to discuss what takes place in Iraq and what is going to happen in the future.

After less than 3 years, I see that the Iraqi stands are becoming more clear, solid and mature. This pleases me and gives me the impression that things are going the right way and that the Iraqis have the awareness and intelligence that will enable them to exit the darkness of occupation and the dark forces that entered Iraq with the bloody occupation that destroyed and torn Iraq…

I’ve always said that my only bet is on the intelligence and the awareness of Iraqis. Despite all the darkness around them and despite the oppression, military forces, armies, weapons, thieves and mercenaries that are lurking to Iraqis and Iraq, the 6000 years of human civilization on the land of “Rafedain” (the two rivers) give this nation the ability to stand these crises.

I’ve always said it is a matter of time…the obvious change will come by time. People will become more aware and will learn how to distinguish between a lie and truth. They will learn with time distinguish the parties and leaders who work for them from those opportunists who only wants to reach the top by climbing on their shoulders. The next days and years will present new leaders to Iraq. The nation will realize that all their demands of freedom, independence, descent life and building the nation will be achieved by standing by those leaders.
The monkeys who cheer and supported the existence of foreign forces on the Iraqi soil will fall…
The occupation will leave first, followed by the companies that came with it to steal the wealth of Iraq…
I know that the road is long, but the dream deserves the sacrifice. And GOD will uphold the faithful believers.
GOD is their resort at such time of crisis
GOD will not turn down those who believe and prayed for support…..
I learn the news about Iraq from the local Iraqi TV channels that report interviews with regular people, officials and men and women in the opposition parties. This helps me estimate where Iraq is heading.
Two days ago there was a seminar and dialogue between streams pointing out their point view about what takes place in Iraq and where it is headed.
The governmental stream says that everything is going very well and things are improving. They added that some people exaggerate about the transgression that takes place in the streets of Iraq…and that the bursting target terrorists. Small transgression happens here and there.
The opposition says: there isn’t any exaggeration and that there are many prisons and jails. They added that the Iraqi associations that defend the rights of Iraqi men and women have a list of victims and details of torture and oppression that happened to them and that the government is evading investigation and punishing transgressors.

We don’t object any bursting to catch terrorists, but we demand respect for the humanity of Iraqi citizen and not to burst a house without a court order and that the accused stand in front of a judge within 24 hours at most. We demand that people are more respected while in custody. Don’t put 300 people in one room so that they can’t breath, sleep or rest. This is not acceptable. Allow arrested people to see their families and allow them to hire a lawyer…
We don’t ask you for miracles. You say that you are a government elected in the name of the people and work for the people. Those arrested, aren’t they people?
We all want to live safely without terror, violence, killings and thieves, but we don’t want oppression against anyone or harm falls on anybody. Those arrested turn to be mostly innocent people. OK, prosecute the guilty and free the innocent. Don’t keep the innocent in jail for other reasons (I know the other reasons, meaning: blackmail and asking for money from the family of the arrested person. Just like what happened with us when they arrested my son Khalid)
Of course the face of government official turned red and said to the opposition, yes I agree with you brother. You are right and we will punish those transgressions.
I smiled and wished that I was in that seminar to ask him: When do you plan to do that?
The government was appointed almost 10 months ago. The same mistakes and silly practices occur. Most people in the Iraqi street start to complain from the faults of this government. The government promises every month to improve the situation and that there are great plans in process and nothing but oppression and painful news instead. There are more scandals revealed regarding transgressions, arrests and human rights violations…
People stopped asking for services. People are terrified and occupied with the stories of missing or arrested people. These cases prevailed over the rest of demands…
The government representative said that some transgression are committed by officers in the Iraqi Interior Affairs who were in the old removed regime “Mubad” (This is a nice expression that reminds me with insecticide “Mubeed”
The important thing is that the opposition representative answered and said: Brother these stories happen almost every day. Iraqi police cars arrive after 12 at night to siege a certain area and attack houses, break furniture and arrest men, take them, and few days later they found them dead and thrown in the street or the morgue. Other times they disappear. Those policemen wear the official police uniform, use the official wireless police phones and use the official police cars. How do you claim that they are not police?
Or are they transgressors?
I saw a couple of reports on non-government Iraqi TV station yesterday:
In the morning and in Al-Najaf governorate: I saw an interview with a family and neighbors of an Iraqi man who was killed by a knife in front of his wife and children in a burst to his house by American force accompanied by Iraqi National Guard.
The cameras showed the man’s corpse where his body was sewed from the abdominal area to the neck. His face was covered with blood coming out of his mouth and nose. People cried and cussed George Bush, his army and his war on terrorism and asked: Is this war on terrorism? You enter people’s houses and kill the man in front of his family? This is terrorism!
My eyes were glued to the TV screen…..

No matter his crime is, he wasn’t supposed to be killed in front of his family like that. Where is the courts and justice system then?
America declared war on Iraq and took down the Iraqi former regime to teach Iraqis lessons on how to respect authority, law, and justice systems.
OK, what is the occupying force doing?
Is this the doing of democratic country that respects the law?
Is this the good example they are setting for the Iraqis after the fascist Saddam Hussein?
What alternatives did you give Iraqis?

In the evening and from Al-Sader city in Baghdad, I saw a report about a bursting of house and missing with the house contents. They arrested men from the house while women kept shivering and crying. Some male neighbors came to the house carrying bullet covers and some other type of lids that at first I didn’t know what they are. It turns out; they burst the house shooting bullets while getting drunk.
My eyes again were glued to TV screen.

These are disasterous behavior that intimidate people and make the occupying unwelcome…
The occupying forces are preparing their coffins with their bare hand…
With this type of idiotic behavior, they push the Iraqis to adopt the idea of kicking them out….
I saw in one of the Internet sites how an American military car moves inside the Iraqi’s cities and streets and how they randomly shoot on any civilian car that gets closer…
Like people said in the report I saw in one of the Iraqi stations: the occupying force is careless about the Iraqi blood, they kill people in the streets, and then they say reimburse the family that comes forward with a complain 2000 USD I believe.
For every civilian killed by the Occupying force, pay his\her family compensation and problem is solved!
O dear, how wise and just is the deal between the current Iraqi government and the occupying force to solve the nuisance Iraqi problems.
OK if this is the type of behavior comes from am authority figure in Iraq then why do we criticize those who kidnap foreigners and kill them?
Proverb says: The prevailing morality is the morality of the majority
It means that the criminals in Iraq are taking the example after the practices of occupying forces
Who are we blaming then?
And who needs to be stopped first?

Then I saw Bush in news saying that he would not pull out his army from Iraq until full victory is realized….
I liked the way he described victory…this man has high ambition. He wants not short of a full victory…
I think it’s like the full independence that the Iraqis want….
America started to loose in Iraq…
It started to loose its reputation and people started to see its ugly face and its actions against Iraq..
If the America Administration lost its reputation in front of the American people, this would be a disaster of course, but the bigger disaster if it looses its reputation in front of the Iraqis.
We say sooner or later the army will withdraw its forces…
It is a matter of time….
A couple of days ago , some friends from a southern governorate in Iraq visited us and we talked extendedly about the current situation and our prediction for the coming election and the future.
Unfortunately, I found them depressed and they don’t see any hope in the approaching election. America will force whoever they want, so what is the use of voting?
America came with its army to take over the oil wells. Even if America withdraw half of their soldiers, it will keep military bases in Iraq…
I laughed and said. Thanks GOD that we all agree on understanding the objectives and intentions of the American occupation in Iraq.
They said :Um Raed, now everybody knows …
I said again: Thanks GOD, then we want something and America does not want to leave Iraq and it will keep dodge and dodge...but are we going to stop trying to push them to leave?
Do we be negative and just watch?

They said: Of course not, but we only hope for a change after the coming government expires. This means after 4 years…
I just laughed and said: I will vote in this election, and there will be a small hope that better leaders will come forward for the Iraqis. Of course our bigger hope is after 4 years not later, In GOD’s willing.
We all know that America will withdraw part of its army and will keep part in their bases…
Its partners will come in the second phase of occupation to invade Iraq’s economy and gear it towards the desire and interest of American companies.
We all know this movie and its details. We saw it before….
But we want to live this experience to make armies and companies leave Iraq…
We want no short of a full independence…
We don’t want to assault anyone…We don’t want anybody to assault us..
We don’t want to steal anybody’s wealth and we don’t want anybody to steal our wealth..
In brief: We are a nation that loves Justice and Peace….
And we see that, this is Justice and Peace….
Translated by Manal

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