Friday, August 12, 2005

Good Morning..
I have got this email today.
I can see the democracy is like a game in the hands of powerful people in America or England or other western countries.
they changed the RULES when they want, it means when its being dangerous on their interests or positions.
poor freedom and democracy, in your name, how many crimes have been done , like war on iraq ,and war on terrorism ,...
there is always announced mislead people.
and always hidden reasons like gobalization, privatization , free marking...
time is passing, and showing all of us, what is the reality on ground.


I just wanted to relate to you the latest I heard about Cindy Sheehan. The story of her camping outside of Bush's vacation ranch inCrawford, Texas has now spread to newspapers in France and England. I'm concerned because Cindy was told that, because Mr. Bush is receiving visitors (Condoleeza Rice and Dick Cheney), on Thursday,which is today, their presence on the side of the road will beconsidered a "security hazard" and they will be arrested. However, since she related that information to the press, there areother families of dead soldiers who are on their way to Crawford tosupport Cindy, even if it means getting arrested with her. If the administration does arrest her along with the now hundreds of peoplewith her, it will only make the administration more unpopular than itis already (recent polls have shown support for Mr. Bush at the lowestlevel in his entire presidency—and, if you compare it to the level ofpopularity of other presidents at this point in their presidency, Mr.Bush is the least popular president since Nixon).
Of course, you are watching the news as well, I am sure, but if I hear of anything unusual or interesting about Cindy, I will pass it on.

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