Thursday, June 23, 2005

Good Morning..
im in Washington DC, and will go to NEWYORK later
i had many meetings with different groups, and talked with them about iraq
i discovered that all of them knew nothing about iraq, and what was happening in iraq since two years or more, and nobody have clear vision about what is the solution...
when i was in Baghdad, i thought about that, and said : may be they have something, we should wait to see...
but we lost these two years from our lives, and lost thousands of iraqi souls , and nothing came..
no light intered the dark tunnel....
im not angry....
i thought that iraq should be controlled by iraqis, and the future should be done by their hands
and now i can tell you this visit opened my eyes more and more, and it confirms all my thoughts that iraq is for iraqis, and nobody has the right to play the role of God , or big brother with iraqi people...
every day the news from iraq : bombed car killed......iraqi?
what are these troops doing in side iraq since two years and more?
what is the positive things they have accomplish for iraqi people on the ground?
what is the clue that thay are planning to leave iraq?
this is the facts on ground....
nothing done more destruction and violence and bloodshed
leave iraq for iraqis..
help them to sit around a table to fix the conflict you have done..
help them to make new strong government from new iraqi independent leaders, and let them built new strong army and police, get your fingers out of these issues, let it be pure iraqi actions.
the new government should be from the people, and the representative of them, the violnece should be less and the security should be better, all the people will work together to protect
their community , give them the chance to participate this operation..
the wrong policy in iraq cant get peace on the ground... you all saw that truth.
change the course....this is the solution..listen to iraqis, this is the solution.
well, i will put two emails from two American readers
and want you to see the division in the attitude about iraq , and how every one, is thinking to give help or make change..
i will not put my comments....
i just want you to understand what is going on here in this country...

( this is the email as i have got, i didnt delete anything, he didnt say hello ! )

we will not leave Iraq until security is restored. We will continue until we win this 'war', which to me is just nation building. The Iraqi resistance is made up of mostly Ba'athists, foreigners, and criminal elements. The true idealistic insurgent is joining the political process as we speak. You know this and I know this.
My country has gone through very very hard times in the past, and this is a picnic compared to the past. Only a strong hand can defeat the violent prone bullies whom seek to take advantage of Iraqs situation.
Rather than help the U.S. kick out the terrorists who are suicide bombing your citizens, and help bring order to Iraq, all you do is complain. It is the American people who are sacrificing a whole lot for Iraqs future, not anyone else. Better not bite the hand that feeds you.
Lastly, a quote from Faulkner:
'the true sign of descency is the ability to take pleasure in someone else's good fortune.'
Good day.


Dear Faiza,

I'm writing to you immediately to establish a link that will hopefully bring me into contact with a wider circle of Iraqis interested in cooperating with Americans who seek to end the U.S. occupation. I was the one who gave you the article with a proposal that anti-war folks in this country should make to force the U.S. out of Iraq.

I have just looked at your blog "A Family in Baghdad" and see that you posted an article about Iraqi legislators calling for U.S. withdrawal. I would like to make contact with as many of them as possible. Can you help me? I would appreciate your establishing a link with them if at all possible. Perhaps you can share the proposal in my article with them and ask for their reaction.

I am a scholar of the Vietnam War and was involved in lobbying to end U.S. involvement in Vietnam in 1974-1975. Now I have written a book explaining why the war happened in the first place. My sympathies are with those who are the victims of U.S. imperialism, and I do dare to call it that.

Please accept my best wishes for your health and safey and for your work for peace.


Gareth Porter


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