Saturday, June 04, 2005

Good morning..
today is the weekend holiday, we will go out to see the city around the campus
and tomorrow will go to Boston and Harvard University..
yesterday we were talking about building a culture of forgiveness and peace between people in the postwar or post conflict societies..
from Bosnia we heard sad stories about their civil war..
and from Rwanda we heard horrible stories about violence and blood and victims..
and in both , they started to build a kind of new dialogue between people to make environment of peace in the country..
I told the participants that from my experience in Iraq, I saw Bremer , the American governor in Iraq after the war...
he created completely opposite environment in Iraq
he started the story of get out Ba`thest from power and jobs, he created the environment of hatred and violence between Iraqis..
the more I learn here, the more I see what they have done in Iraq, and what they are doing now....
there are many Iraqi parties came from outside Iraq after the war to implement the idea of revenge, I can see now how is the hatred between Sunni and Shie`ee, sending the country to the bottom of dark valley..
now everything is clear for me..
when I was in Iraq , I was asking myself, and most of Iraqis like me , asking the same question : what the hell is going on????
I can see now , and understand, and recognize, what is happening in Iraq..
and how could we go out of this closed circle?
First step : re-unit the Iraqi people
second step: get the monsters and devils out of Iraq, with their civilian wears, or military
lets make freeeeeee Iraq
and give peaceeeeeee for the people
May God Bless Iraq and Iraqis... And protect them from all evil around

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