Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Good Evening....
this article is very important one..
its talking about new iraqi group who are from different parts of iraq
but they have same vision, we are iraqis, and we want independent iraq, and we would never accept the idea of divided iraq of the civil war is coming..
the shining future of iraq will be done by the help of these people and who join them
may peace be on iraq
its our aim....
Iraqi Lawmakers Call For Foreign Troops to Withdraw
Iraqi lawmakers from across the political spectrum called for the withdrawal of foreign forces from their country in a letter released to the media June 19.
The move comes as U.S. President George W. Bush is under increasing domestic pressure to set a timetable for the pullout of American forces in the face of an increasing death toll at the hands of insurgents.
Eighty-two Shiite, Kurdish, Sunni Arab, Christian and communist deputies made the call in a letter sent by Falah Hassan Shanshal of the United Iraqi Alliance (UIA), the largest group in parliament, to speaker Hajem al-Hassani.

Some of those who signed urged that a detailed timetable be established for the withdrawal.
There are currently about 160,000 foreign troops in Iraq, including a 138,000-strong U.S. force, which has borne the brunt of attacks against coalition forces.
In the letter, Shanshal said the 275-member parliament was the Iraqi people’s legitimate representative and guardian of their interests.
”We have asked in several sessions for occupation troops to withdraw,” the letter said. “Our request was ignored.”
”It is dangerous that the Iraqi government has asked the U.N. Security Council to prolong the stay of occupation forces without consulting representatives of the people who have the mandate for such a decision.
”Therefore we must reject the occupation’s legitimacy and renew our demand for these forces to withdraw,” the letter added.
The U.N. Security Council agreed on May 31 to extend the mandate of multinational forces in Iraq “until the completion of the political process” following a request from the Iraqi government.

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