Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Friday, May 20 th, 2005
Good morning….
News from Baghdad are still annoying and worrying, without settlement, or an apparent security improvement that makes us say that at last there is a new phase approaching…
The only new thing is that some Sunni leaders held a news conference two days ago, in which they accused some Shia'ats parties, who entered Iraq after the regime fell, saying they were responsible for a part of the assassinations and eliminations campaign in the Iraqi street, for more than two years…
The mentioned Shia'at party denied its relation to the subject…and the argument still goes on…
Some people see this as a bad step towards the worst in the general conditions of Iraq, but I see it as a positive step; for everyone to stand up and talk publicly…
As long as they do not sit down for an open, national dialogue, I mean, as long as their mental and emotional abilities hasn’t risen yet above selfishness and narrow interests, to think about Iraq, its people, and their fate, then let them quarrel publicly, accusing each other, and let the people watch… we want to see the truth at last, we want frankness and clearness; who is responsible for the assassinations campaign of scientists, doctors, clergy men, and general directors, (who are not necessarily former Bathists or symbols of the former regime). – (Oh, how much I hate these vicious expressions that were inserted by force as official terms for things in the new Iraq). There are a lot of victims who were independent men who had no black history.
Who has a hand, and an interest to assassinate them? This is how we always wondered, for more than two years now, without hearing an official answer from any one, whomever.
And now, the accusations appeared, well, then, this is a positive sign, and the accused is required to answer by "Yes", or "No"… instead of addressing some illusionary ghosts like Al-Zarqawi, for some people say he is just a lie, who doesn't exist, his kin know nothing of him, saying perhaps he died, a long time ago….
The party sides, and the others who dwell now in the Iraqi field, should clear their positions publicly on the issue of national reconciliation, and national unity. Everyone who posses their brains during this miserable chaos, know and clearly see that national reconciliation is a necessity, "it's a must", as they say.
And in coming periods, in months, or years, they shall admit it is the correct, rational path, the mature way to build a new unified, democratic Iraq, and whoever tries to play up this card, or jump over it…is a looser, no doubt…and a short sighted fool, as well!
I wish the accusations period would end up leading to the phase of sitting down at one table, and talking, face to face, looking for an answer to the question: if it weren't us who were fighting, and assassinating each other, then who was it? Is it someone from inside? Is it someone from outside?
If we are honest nationalists, and our hands are clean, unstained with Iraqi blood, then let's look for whoever is killing the Iraqis, and tearing at their unity, to expose and punish him.
Is this possible? Or am I speaking an incoherent language, and all around me the others are shouting with high voices, like a mob in sports event, or a battle, whose minds are obscured behind the lust of killing, hate, anger, violence, and intolerance, for one faction against another?
One day they will calm down, after this demonic spirit is quenched inside them, and then, they might have regrets, or not. When they look at the devastation and losses around them, which they contributed in achieving, one way or another, while they were unaware, blinded by mean, demonic whims… blinding their hearts, and eyes.
I wish this devilish, vicious spirit that has landed in Iraq would vanish, like it has landed in other countries, bringing only destruction, devastation, and painful memories, which were documented in countless books. You read about it, feeling your heart squeezed, and your eyes watering, suffering for humans, and how much follies they commit, while in an animalistic, inhuman state, when they might kill, rape, and destroy all around them, no matter if the victim was a child or an old man, a woman or a man…when all standards would vanish, and be absent, and the language of mind would fall….Killings according to identity cards on traitorous roadblocks, driving away of families, destruction of towns and villages, mass killings for various reasons, mistreated prisoners, their human pride insulted, and a lot more atrocities, for which the brow of humanity would sweat. Like what happened in the Lebanese civil war, the Bosnia-Herzegovina war, and the Rwanda war… and many more wars before those, filling the history books, shaming the human memory; the American civil war, the Spanish civil war, and the wars between the European countries, for tens of years, in dark centuries.
And the question is: Why wouldn't Man learn, and comprehend the lesson?
Why there is always someone who repeats the same follies, so innocent souls would be lost, bringing devastation and destruction instead of peace, prosperity, and security?
I do not know who has the answer, who has the responsibility. And who has the decision.
Translated by May/Baghdad.

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