Monday, March 07, 2005

Dear Faiza,

I so look forward to your posts. You may be doing more for peace and understanding than you realize. I share your blog with friends and family and I know they pass your blog along to others. It makes me think of the analogy of the butterfly that flutters it's wing in California and the wind is felt in Asia.
How little we know of one another and yet, as women, how much we are alike. I see the photos of the room for your sons that are empty and understand what that means. In America we have a saying for grown children, who have left home. We call it the "empty nest". Sadness for the mother and also questioning what else am I to do in this world. Finding one's place after raising children seems to be the same all over the world.
Many governments would have us believe that our politics, religion, ethnics should separate us but as women we know better. We are aware of the bond we have with one another. I was fortunate enough to be born very late in my parents life and also have a grandmother who lived to be 100. She was what was called a "pioneer woman". Meaning, that she crossed the plains & mountains of America in a covered wagon to an unknown future to create a new life. I remember her stories about White Buffalo Woman of the Lakota Indian Tribe. It was a spiritual lesson to all women. I feel very fortunate that I learned of these 5000 year old lessons from my grandmother. And so, we continue as women, learning, connecting and speaking of those things we have in common so as to make life better for all people.
JoAnne Forman
Tigard, Oregon

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