Friday, February 11, 2005

good evening...
well i have got this email today in my mailbox.
it saddened me,i wish the French journalist will be free and go home with safety.
there are lot of victims in this silly war,from Iraqis or others.
we will keep praying for God to let the peace come for Iraq.
and the release of innocent people like Florence Aubenas.
my heart with you .


Hello,I'm a French independant reporter and photograph. I read your blog but I saw only a few word about foreign journalists in Irak.Did you heard about the kidnapping of french woman Florence Aubenas and her guide ? Do you know we have, in France, websites supporting them (+ others journalists disappeared or kidnapped in Irak)?Is it possible to diffuse and post my message on your weblog, to your friends by mail...?May be this message will reach Florence. I believe you say something as "Inch'Allah"... I made this dream.Thierry Birrer *If you want to know more about what happens in France, don't hesitate to contact me !====================
Unwillingness to understand …
Florence,Now it's 37 days you disappeared and that I feel the omnipresence of your absence.Absence of a journalist involved in defense of democracyآ values; absence of a very appreciated woman.Now it's 37 days there is a lack in the journalist profession, as it was missing some letters in the word "liberty". Or as an arrow -the arrow of intolerance- sanked into "liberty".Your absence, this lack, this emptiness are growing every day. And I stumble over the sentence "unwillingness to understand…".That's absolutely certain that the pen of the journalists and the image of the photographs are essential defences facing the war, facing exactions, facing corruption. Your articles, as those of your colleagues, are so much pillars for democracy. One of these pillars will lack, and democracy will shake! So your presence in Irak bother. As Ingrid Bettancourt in Colombia also does. As Enso Baldoni did. But I always do not understandآ how one can kidnap or murder…Then, which French people could ignore that you disappeared ? Which one and more, which journalist ? Which student in a school of journalism ? Nevertheless, this morning, I read only 650 messages on Liberation's forum and hardly 1200 on this of "Reporters without frontiers"… Hardly 1800 support and sympathy messages. I read them all. Only a few come from colleagues. Even so, certainly your kidnappers have direct access to these. Since the beginning of the invasion of Irak, we noticed that terrorist and islamist fighters are masters in the art of communication with internet. But, we… here? Where are the supports of thousands of journalists, press correspondants, photographs, local reporters, students in journalism? More the days flow, less I understand these absences…So, Florence, all that, that's too. Too much.Get back as soon! It will give meaning to the word "liberty", always drastically reduced this morning. Then, I hope we will work together to resolve these unwillingness to understand. For no more Abdel Hussein Khazaal, Guy-Andrأ© Kieffer, Fred Nأ©rac, Giuliana Sgrena and so much at the cover of world newspapers or sticked up the front ofآ town halls!
* Coming from Syria on the way to Kuwait, I've passed through the south of your country in 1987. I kept in memory beautiful landscapes, all ochre and beige, with welcoming people... And now, for 2 years, I only heard abouth disasters, deaths, kidnapping, invasion, exactions, bombs, injuried and so more. I could not understand why the world becoming mad... Why this? I was against war, I demonstrated against. And now, one of my friend, Florence, disappeared in Baghdad. As I am, she is. Against war. For peace and democracy. The less you will do will be great !

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