Saturday, January 08, 2005

Wednesday, January 5th, 2005
Good morning...
I am still in Amman... the weather is cold and rainy...but it is beautiful.
Things in Baghdad are still unsettled, and unencouraging. I do not know whether to go back, or remain here? What is the point of returning, with the security state still bad, and not being able to help people?
We are afraid of moving within the route of the Society, or any other, lest we should become well-known faces, and thus easy targets for criminals.
But what is the point of staying here? Will I send donations and help to the bereaved Iraqis, as world nations are doing to the Tsunami victims?
The catastrophe of the Iraqis cannot be solved with food, medicine, blankets, tents, or donations… the catastrophe of Iraq is much bitter, and cruel.
A country that is torn, who shall pull it back to life again, collecting once more the families that were ripped a part, and were scattered all over the world?
Our little family is an example… Majid is in Canada…if it were safe in Iraq, I wouldn't have let him leave…
Raid is in Amman, he just finished his Masters degree in Architecture this month… if it were safe in Iraq, he would've gone back to offer his help.
I am in Amman…if it were safe in Iraq, I wouldn't have gone out…
Khalid is studying in Baghdad…by the will of GOD, he shall leave as soon as he finishes his collage year this summer.
And Azzam shall go between Baghdad and Amman, to follow up the work, and our house there.
My heart is filled with pain, as I remember our beautiful house…my job, my relatives, friends and neighbors…the palm trees in Iraq, tigres, and the Euphrates, the minarets, the mosques…and the tired faces of the Iraqis, as if we are all fed up with life.
And what a life it is…death, devastation, daily destruction…and the waiting….
Waiting for a light to loom on the horizon…. And there is no real light yet. Only some empty talk, and false promises.
And matters are prepared for more tensions after the elections, who shall win, who shall be elected, and who shall remain alive?
All these are tiring questions, with no clear answers looming a head.
I always wonder: Who writes the scenarios of wars? I mean, who gives each war in the world certain characteristics?
The Lebanese war was the fight between Muslims and Christians from one side, and between Lebanese and Palestinians, from another side.
The Bosnian war was a fight between Muslims and Christians.
The war in Rwandan was the fighting between conflicting tribes, I do not think religion was a distinguished factor, but perhaps it was a matter of origins.
And now the war in Iraq, in which the attempts at escalating the fight between Arabs and Kurds, or between Muslims and Christians has failed so far, but there are some on going attempts at escalating a fight between the Sunnis and the Shia'at.
There are some mean hands and minds working, planning, and plotting for all this.
In each conflict in the world, these minds look for existing factors, to use them in waging the fires of battles between people, so they would become the enemies of each other.
It might be religion, origin, or the sect in the same religion.
Do not say it is something spontaneous…..I would not believe.
Well, then, let me look at the Iraqi map now, and think quietly: those who attack the American forces might be the followers of Saddam. Those who kill and assassinate the Police and the National Guards might be like the former group. And the same could be said for those who kill the new government's men, this is always a possibility.
But who opened the pages of dividing the Iraqis into Sunnis and Shia'a, and into clear, separate geographic zones, then each zone would be dealt with by a different technique? And who is targeting the scientists, the educated people, the merchants, and all the well-known names in society, doctors, engineers, pharmacists, and others? These would either be assassinated, or kidnapped, tortured, then be let free, only to flee the country, never to return.
Who masterminds this plan? And what is the point of it?
Does it aim at emptying Iraq of its men and women who could be the nucleus of a new, national leadership in Iraq? Clearing the field of each educated, open-minded Iraqi who could raise his hand, in objection to what is happening? Who benefits from these plans?
As a result, I see them leading to the destruction of Iraq, and its demise…. So that only the weak would remain, those who have no word in the matter…who only look, and whisper.
What a miserable fate, then, that which awaits Iraq.
Look at the site of the Iraq war cost … the counter is panting, while recording, and turning the numbers…the number in front of me now reads $148469106000, I look at the counter, and the vision loses its clearness, because of its high speed?! Meaning, before the 148 there are nine digits of numbers, meaning, 148 thousands of millions of dollars, up till now?
If these huge sums would have been spent for the good of humanity, earth would have been a happier planet than it is now.
If I were a leader of a small state on earth, I would have given the priority to developing education, encouraging science, enhancing the medical care of citizens, and providing the good life for them, their children and families. And if I were the leader of a big nation, I would have extended the helping hand to the small, poor states, for the sake of improving the lives of their people. I wouldn't have made violence, anger, challenge, and threats the language of dialogue.
If you were big, be an example for the small… that is, be a good example. Perform the good deeds, unite the humans on love and harmony… draw them closer, and do not scatter them. Make this a happy, settled, safe planet…
Instead of waging wars, consuming fortunes and money to kill people, and win petty victories that satisfies only a bunch of greedy, silly dinosaurs, who are always hungry, who ruined the planet of earth, and made it the worst place to live in.
If there was a way for humans to run away to other planets…they wouldn't have hesitated…going to places safer, and more peaceful, and just.
My dear… what is the meaning of the "Civilized World"??
Does it mean owning a plane, rocket, tank, a gun, and a computer?
So be it… but where are the morals??
If we possessed all these without morals, without mercy, honesty, or self-judgment, what would be the use of any invention invented by man? If the world agreed that the Tsunami victims deserve help, that means there are some global standards of morals on which we all agree, from all religions, races, and origins.
So, why are we afraid to stand in the faces of those who wage wars, kill, and destroy? Isn't there some hypocrisy and fear from saying the words of truth in this world?
The world needs new leaders… leaders who establish peace and restfulness on earth… leaders who feel the responsibility towards depleting these huge sums of money, in an era when revenues are becoming rare… in times of financial depression, unemployment, and hunger that is invading world nations, without exception.
And the coming years are threatening humans with more dangers…
Who shall stand up to these fools, and stop them in their tracks??
Who shall stand up to save this world from more devastation?
Who shall stop all these follies, all this madness?
Who would be the first to release the first word?
The first scream? The first bullet?
To change the path of humanity from falling into the pit?
It must be a global campaigne, a global responsibility, to achieve peace and quietness on earth.
When? Who shall perform it??
My heart awaits this, every day…
Translated by May/ Baghdad.

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