Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Hello Faiza,
I hope you don't mind another message from an American Mom
that is so ashamed of her countries administration. The majority of us do not support them.
I also lost my beloved son on Sept 25, 2004 near Taig.
He also was a gentle beautiful soul. He took great delight in the children of your country. He was a cook in civilian life and he would get so excited as he drove down the streets of Baghdad because he could smell all the delicious smells from women cooking dinner. He would of liked nothing better than to jump down and talk to them about spices and exchange recipes. His death has changed our world forever.
I am so sorry about the devastation of your country.. I only hope that we can find something good in all of this. I pray for the people of your country every day as well as our soldiers that this country has put in harms way..
I hope that your people can someday forgive ours.
In Peace and Love
Michelle DeFord
Mother of Sgt.David W. Johnson

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