Tuesday, December 14, 2004

good morning,,
i`ve put pictures about Cairo on the link of pictures.
wish you `ll likt them.
best regards

Good evening..
i`m in cairo these days in a short vacation.
it`s a very beautiful city, and very crowded.
and it`s people are very nice and friendly..
tomorrow i should go back to Jordan.
i wish i can stay here...
but i missed my lovely Baghdad.
i left Baghdad since ten days or more..
traveling through Syria,then Jordan,then Egypt.
i can see and feel the sadness of the people i met every where, in different cities,they almost
have the same kind/sad words : our hearts are with Iraq and Iraqis.
yes,we all wish ,and wait to see peace , stability,dignity,in Iraq.
my love and regards to Iraq and Iraqis, at anytime, and from anywhere.

Friday, December 3rd, 2004
The Iraqi elections are drawing near, and people are afraid of what will happen. There are daily threats against whoever distributes the election cards, of killing, and the burning of his house and workplace. And there are death threats against people if they participated in the elections. Some attacks occurred on the Municipal Councils, and some of its members were assassinated, at some Baghdad districts.
Today, some criminals attacked the Police Station of an area that used to be called " Saddam District", its name today I do not know. They killed a lot of Iraqi policemen, let the criminals out of the temporary custody there, and then burned the building. A lot of Iraqi policemen were deployed in the area…but after what?? After Malta was destroyed, as the old saying goes…
Yesterday I saw an Iraqi police car, a pick-up, on it were some policemen standing, wearing black masks, aiming their rifles at the people…I looked upon the scene in amazement, for I couldn’t understand, the police were afraid for themselves more than caring for the people…
What madness is this?? Where are we heading??
If the policeman were in panic, what would the miserable, ordinary citizen say??
This is a comedy, but we are all anxious to see its end. Are we really going to see peace here, and bring back life to normal.
A trapped car blew up near a mosque in Adamiyah, and some mortar shells fell on houses in Adamiyah…people rushed on to help the wounded, and a trapped car exploded, killing more people… and they say in the News that Al-Zarqawi is responsible for the bereavements in Adamiyah today?
Why? He is supposed to be a Sunni, his adversaries are the Shia’a, so why would he blow and burn the mosque of the Sunnies??
Who is killing us, targeting us every day?? The dead Iraqi’s are a lot more than the occupier’s dead… who is killing us, wanting demise for us…? Who is playing a game upon us, enjoying the spilling of the Iraqi blood, the shredding of their bodies, and their lives?
I read in Huntington’s book: The Clash of the Civilizations. The man is reviewing the Civilizations in the world: the Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Islamic, Western (Europe, America, and Australia), Latin America, and Africa.
He says that the Islamic Population increase is threatening the world.
Hum…does that explain killing the Iraqis carelessly, to lessen the Population increase?
There is always someone who says: what silly thoughts?
Well then, let us hear the smart, convincing thoughts.
Every thing here is evoking our sadness and bewilderment…we wish to find an explanation to the madness going on here. There is "someone" who is having fun by this chaos, killing people as if he were playing a war game on computer…
Huntington says there are some arrogant people in the West who believe their civilization is the best, and that it deserves to rule the world.
I believe that the faction who waged this war on Iraq, is a part of that who thinks itself the better, smarter, and stronger. Dividing the world to (We) and (Them)…We the Civilized, and Them, the Barbarians.
Didn’t Bush use these words in his speeches…to justify the war on Iraq… and now, everyone is paying the price of these aggressive notions, which signify a narrow, limited vision, in understanding, and comprehending the universe. The world has become a small village…people from different cultures are meeting, and getting acquainted, enjoying getting to learn the details of the other’s lives’, finding it an enjoyable process.
While wars, especially this war on Iraq, evoked grudges, and conflicts, which separated people from different cultures, away from each other, and did not draw them near. Under the slogan of fighting terrorism and violence, people became afraid of each others, ill thinking of them…
We see the American as an arrogant occupier, who wants to force his vision upon us…having hidden reasons and un-announced interests to wage this war, under unconvincing, announced slogans. And the American, along with the allies he has, looks upon us as a "back-wards" faction of people…whom he came all this way, from the ends of the world, to teach us civilization. The Western Civilization…..only, and nothing but.
There is a big gap between us….who shall fill this gap, drawing us near??
We, or they??
We defend our selves, barricading behind our culture, religion, and habits…and they barricade inside their tanks, planes….war plans, and fighting…
How can you have a dialogue with someone in a tank? Huh… I don’t think you can open a dialogue with him…any kind of dialogue. Even the civilian foreigners here, who came with the occupation or after it, for the reconstruction of Iraq, there stands the tank between us and them, destroying the nice, humane relationship that might arise between us, and them.
Far away in America, there are people with whom we could have a quiet dialogue, by e-mail…but of those who are here, some way or another, there is fear, doubt, and repulsion from them…perhaps they feel the same towards us…there is a lack of confidence between us. No one is sure of the other’s good intentions…
The Iraqi looks at the foreigner that he came here to get material gains, more than for humanitarian reasons, like helping the miserable Iraqis to build their lives all over again. While the foreigner fears the Iraqi, imagining he is a terrorist, who will kill or kidnap him.
There is a third party who is gaining profits from this equation…pouring fuel over the fire, to keep it burning between us, and America…
And going back to Huntington, he says that the Western Civilization is at its peak of power now, fighting and dominating as a super power…but it is on its way to diminish.
Yes, these wars bleed the life of any empire, speeding up its end.
And there is a percentage of about half the American population who refuse these wars, and these aggressive theories in dealing with the others.
After the cold war, there begun a new division in the world, naming some new enemies of the west. The Islamic and Confucian Civilizations…as Huntington says. Yes, this seems clear in the policy the west uses against Islam… then, there is the Chinese danger to be dealt with, later…
Does Huntington express the American mentality, that rules and controls the world.? Or is it merely that some people, who have the interests, and the love of evil control of the world, made use of his theories…?
Neither we, nor nearly half of the American people believe in the theory of the Clash of Civilizations, as a reason to wage wars… the whole issue always lies with the interests of an evil faction, that finds no other way to control the world, except by wars. Once, for Ideological reasons, another for cultural or religious differences…
And there are always fools who listen, and believe…
If it was really a war of civilizations, it wouldn't have been opposed by a large percentage of the western people, or by some western leaders, like France and Germany. Nor would it have been accepted by some Muslim leaders, like Pakistan…this is a war of interests and profits, for a small faction of evil people…twisting Politics, and creating a dirty game out of it…in which all means are used to jump ropes, by all methods of cheating and lying….
I feel sorry for this world….sorry it has landed in the hands of such a bunch as these… who are leading it downwards every day….
But I do believe there is someone to stop them in their tracks…sooner or later…
Translated by May/ Baghdad.

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