Thursday, June 03, 2004

Wednesday, 2nd. June, 2004

Good morning…
The weather is nice, the garden is green, and still has some flowers, which will probably disappear with the approaching heat, by mid-summer season.
The generator is roaring outside, the electricity is going off for long, annoying hours, while the temperature these days goes up to 38-40 degrees. We do hope electricity gets better before heat escalates to a degree of 50 C.
Today secondary schools students all over Iraq start their finals…, these exams are very important, deciding the future of the students, and decides which collages would accept them. Majid went to school early. I wish him and all the boys his age God's safe keeping from explosives, and the best possible success in their exams, Amen.
Collage students also have exams these days, so Khalid spends the night with his fellow students, keeping the generator on till morning… I wish them a prospering success.
Raid is in Amman, busy with his Masters Degree, his presentation should be in two months time, he is very busy, and I wish him the best of success.
My mind is very tense and preoccupied, thinking of them, worried about them… I pray for them and all Iraqi students, I wish the hearts of all mothers and fathers to be joyous and happy for the success and well-being of their children... Amen.
Today I have my final exams at the American language institute. I have some worries and anxieties, pushing me back to the memories and fears of my school days. We students feel sad because our teachers will be leaving to America for the summer holidays. There will be a small party after the exams, and, by God's will, we'll be taking some photographs.
We do not see these people as we see the occupying force... those people are civilians, risking their lives to help Iraqis, we have mingled with them, known them closely, and they have known us... we no longer have barriers between us. As for the occupation forces, we keep as far away from them as possible, for the matter is different here. It is a matter of politics, interests, armies, bullets, tanks, and things much more complicated … differences of opinions, and a soldier from the occupying force who would shoot me by mistake, then give account to no one for it.
How can I believe he is my friend?? Or that he is here to help me???
Yesterday, the new government was announced, a President and Vice-presidents, the Priminister, and the Ministers. Of course, we feel happy for such an accomplishment, but also feel worried, for what the coming days would bring, thinking of what this government would accomplish of good deeds to Iraqis.
This is the important question.
What authorities dose this government have in possession to re-build the country??
Do they have a budget to implement the re-building program?
This is what concerns us in the entire subject…
This government has a period of time, the coming months till the end of 2004, until they prepare a new national assembly, elections, and a new government.
How shall we spend these six months?
Would they be spent as was the case of the late Governing Council? Without neither authorities nor achievements?
We want to feel that there is a state that has some dignity, that the streets would be free of litter, traffic policemen present to ease traffic-jams, policemen to provide security, prevent killings and kidnappings. We want to see a clear movement of re-construction, employment provided to Iraqis, the infrastructure re-habilitated; (water supply, electricity, communications, …etc), and, we want to see officials and ministers who care for the happiness and well-being of the Iraqi citizen, not the happiness and well-being of themselves, and those whom they care about.
The Iraqi people are sick of the injustice, the lying, and the corruption of state management..
We want to see a new Iraqi leadership, one that feels responsible towards the country and its people, dedicated to the nation…
And the leadership always sets the good example to the people…promoting them to do every thing that is good, sincere, and dedicated to their country…
We wish all the beautiful, good things to Iraq and the Iraqis …
We wait to see, for we have months, then years to work, to re-build….
As for the occupation forces, the earlier they would leave Iraq, the better for the Iraqi people and their unity…
The majority looks upon the Americans as an occupying force, refusing to deal with them…
But there is a minority that sees them as a liberation force, wishing that they would stay.
But I see that if they stay, they will be a reason to divide the Iraqis, which is not in our favor… their staying will give a reason to more violence and more bombings… because they still maintain the strong hand that kills and detains.
And they usually enlist some dumb Iraqis, who give them information about other Iraqis, so they would be detained, exactly as Saddam Hessian used to do…
There is no reason why an Iraqi would become an enemy of another Iraqi…
Iraqis are brothers, and there must be a common dialog among them…
They all love Iraq, and want the best for it; so, they must find dialog channels among them. The presence of a foreigner would only cause a rift between them, no matter how beautiful the reasons were, there is no need for him to stay…
Iraq has leaders among its people, and there are those who implement and work. If ever there was the need for a foreign expert in a certain subject, it's O.K., but the Iraqi is the original countryman, so he is supposed to behave in the best interests of his country and people. If he misbehaves, he gets changed by a better Iraqi … this is how I understand matters… as would any one who loves his country, and wishes for its independence.
In our hearts and memories there are old stories about imperialism that make us feel anxious about any presence of foreign forces on our land…

The alternative is to establish a strong Iraqi army, a strong Iraqi police force, and a strong Iraqi state, with real sovereignty…
And as the time passes, the people will learn to distinguish between the sincere leaders, and choose them.
The experiences of nations are very much like those of people; they make errors, and learn. So, it is imperative to get to the truth of matters, distinguishing true from false, at the end.
I wish all the good to Iraq and the Iraqis …
I wish they would join themselves in one word, for that is where their force would be…

{translated by May.. Baghdad,Iraq}

Good morning...
I have put new pictures from Baghdad..
and tomorrow inshalla, I`ll put new arabic lesson
and the translation of the last post
wish you all nice day..

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Good morning...
I have put new pictures from souvenir shops, I wish you`ll like it .
and nobody is going to steal it ,and makes money from them...
if so , plez send me the money to give it for poor Iraqi families...
hope you nice beautiful day...

الأربعاء 2/6
صباح الخير...
الجو لطيف , والحديقة خضراء, وما زال فيها بعض الورود, ربما ستختفي مع اقتراب موسم الصيف وشدة الحرارة...
المولدة تدور في الخارج, الكهرباء عادت لتنقطع لساعات طويلة مملة, ودرجات الحرارة تتراوح بين 38-40 مئوية هذه الأيام...
نتمنى ان تتحسن الكهرباء قبل اشتداد الحر وارتفاع الحرارة الى 50 درجة مئوية...
اليوم تبدأ الإمتحانات النهائية للمدارس الإعدادية في كل العراق..
هذه امتحانات مهمة وتحدد مستقبل الطلاب والكليات التي سيدخلونها...
ماجد خرج مبكرا للمدرسة, اتمنى له ولكل الأولاد من عمره , ان يحفظهم الله من التفجيرات
ويوفقهم في تأدية امتحاناتهم على افضل وجه...آمين.
طلاب الجامعات ايضا هذه الأيام امتحاناتهم, خالد يقضي الليل مع اصدقائه في الدراسة والمولدة تظل تدور حتى الصباح... اتمنى لهم النجاح والتوفيق.
رائد في عمان مشغول في انهاء متطلبات دراسته في الماستر..موعده لتقديم الرسالة بعد شهرين , وهو مشغول جدا ...اتمنى له النجاح...
اعصابي متعبة من التفكبر بهم والقلق عليهم...
ادعو لهم ولكل الطلاب العراقيين , واتمنى ان تفرح قلوب كل الأمهات والآباء بنجاح اولادهم وحفظهم من كل سوء...آمين.
واليوم عندي امتحان نهائي في المعهد الأمريكي للغات.
عندي قلق وخوف, ارجعني الى ذكريات ورعب ايام الدراسة والإمتحانات..
وعندنا حزن نحن الطالبات على فراق المدرسين والمدرسات حيث سيسافرون الى امريكا لقضاء اجازتهم الصيفية...
ستكون هنالك حفلة صغيرة بعد الإمتحان, وسوف نلتقط صورا تذكارية ان شاء الله.
هؤلاء لا ننظر اليهم كما ننظر لقوات الإحتلال..
هؤلاء اناس مدنيون يخاطرون بحياتهم من اجل تقديم فائدة للعراقيين...واختلطنا بهم وعرفناهم عن قرب ,وعرفونا , وما عادت بيننا حواجز...
اما قوات الإحتلال...فنبتعد عنهم ما امكن , حيث ان المعادلة مختلفة, هنا سياسة ومصالح, وجيش ورصاص ودبابات , وامور اكثر
تعقيدا...واختلافات في وجهات النظر
وجندي من قوات الإحتلال يمكنه ان يقتلني بالخطأ
ولا أحد يحاسبه
فكيف اصدق انه صديقي؟
أو انه جاء من أجلي
وبالأمس اعلنت الحكومة العراقية الجديدة, الرئيس والنواب, ورئيس الوزراء والوزراء...
طبعا كلنا يفرح حين يرى هذا الإنجاز...
لكن القلق والتفكير بما ستحمله الأيام...وبما ستحققه هذه الحكومة من انجازات مفيدة للعراقيين
هذا هو السؤال المهم...
ماذا تملك هذه الحكومة من صلاحيات اعادة اعمار البلاد.؟
وهل لديها موازنة لتطبيق برنامج الإعمار؟
هذا ما يهمنا من كل الكلام...
لهذه الحكومة فترة الشهور القادمة , حتى نهاية 2004
حتى التحضير لمجلس وطني جديد وانتخابات...وحكومة جديدة...
كيف سنقضي هذه الشهور السته؟
هل ستمر كسابقاتها مع مجلس الحكم, بلا صلاحيات بلا انجاز؟
نريد ان نحس ان ثمة دولة لها هيبة, وان الشوارع نظيفة من القمامة, وشرطة المرور يتوفرون بكثافة لتخفيف الإزدحامات في الشوارع...والشرطة العادية موجودة بكثافة لتوفير الأمان في المدن لتقليل حوادث الخطف والقتل ...ونريد ان نرى حركة اعادة البناء تجري وفرص العمل تتوفر للعراقيين, والبنية التحتية يعاد تصليحها (ماء وكهرباء واتصالات)...
ونريد ان نرى مسؤولين ووزراء يسعون لراحة وسعادة الإنسان العراقي...لا راحة وسعادة انفسهم ومن يحبون...
العراقيون تعبوا من الظلم والكذب وفساد ادارة الدولة...
نريد ان نرى قيادة عراقية جديدة , تشعر بالمسؤولية تجاه وطنها وشعبها, وتتفانى في الإخلاص...
والقيادة دائما هي القدوة للشعب...
تحثه على عمل الخير وحسن الإنتماء والإخلاص...
نتمنى كل الأشياء الجميله للعراق والعراقيين...
وننتظر لنرى....امامنا شهور ثم سنوات للعمل, واعادة البناء..
أما قوات الإحتلال...
فكلما كان خروجها مبكرا من العراق, كان هذا افضل للعراقيين ووحدتهم...
الغالبية تراهم قوات احتلال, وترفض التعامل معهم...
وثمة اقلية تراهم قوات تحرير, وتريد لهم البقاء..
أما انا فأرى ان بقاءهم سيكون سببا لإنقسام العراقيين, وهذا سبب ليس لصالحنا ابدا...
بقاءهم يعطي مبررات لأعمال عنف وتفجيرات...لأنهم ما زالت لهم اليد القوية التي تقتل وتعتقل
و يستعينون ببعض العراقيين الأغبياء الذين يعطون معلومات عن عراقيين آخرين للقبض عليهم تماما كما كان يفعل صدام حسين ...
لا يوجد ثمة مبرر ليصبح العراقي عدوا للعراقي...
العراقيون اخوة, ولابد من لغة حوار مشتركة بينهم...
كلهم يحبون العراق , ويريدون الخير للعراق...ولا بد من ايجاد قنوات حوار بينهم...
الأجنبي وجوده يسبب التفرقة, مهما اعطينا مبررات جميلة, لا داعي لبقائه...
العراقيون منهم القادة ومنهم من يعمل وينفذ, وان كان ثمة حاجة لخبير اجنبي في موضوع معين ,فلا بأس, لكن العراقي هو ابن البلاد, والمفروض انه يتصرف بما فيه الخير لشعبه ووطنه..
وان اساء التصرف, يستبدل بعراقي افضل منه, هكذا افهم الأمور...ويفهمها كل من له حب لوطنه ورغبة في استقلاله .
في قلوبنا وذاكرتنا قصص قديمة عن الإستعمار, تجعلنا نتحسس من وجود فوات اجنبية على ارضنا...
البديل هو اقامة جيش عراقي قوي وشرطة عراقية قوية, ودولة عراقية قوية ذات سيادة حقيقية...
وبمرور الوقت , الشعب يتعلم كيف يميز القادة المخلصين , ويختارهم .
تجارب الشعوب مثل تجارب الإنسان, يخطيء ويتعلم, ولا بد من الوصول الى حقيقة الأشياء
وتمييز الكاذبة من الصادقة, في نهاية المطاف...
اتمنى الخير للعراق والعراقيين
واتمنى ان تتوحد كلمتهم, فيها تكمن قوتهم...

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

mom, I think we should start selling our family pictures soon
it will be a new e-shopping trend

dear customer, u can have the original signature of the jarrars for an extra 50 bucks

Good morning...
I have put new pictures on the link..I feel it can talk much more than words..
and I have put a translated post on the war diaries link..
I`ll put new blog here inshalla, within two days may be..
the weather in Baghdad is hot (38 c),the electricity is bad , and the students have their final exams this days..we all hope safety and success for them.
our hearts go with them, until they are back from schools..
we all hope that the coming days are better for Iraqis..

Monday, May 31, 2004

Amsar took your pictures and claimed they were his, and tried to make
money off them by selling advertising on his web-site. That makes him a

I guess its like most things -- it has a good and a bad aspect to it.
Sort of like the invasion of Iraq -- got rid of Saddam, but at what

I always read your blog first.


good afternoon....
I don`t know what was he getting benefits from our pictures..
but I`m just asking myself : does he abuse my blog, for his own benefit?
or he was just a young naive man ??, as one of my friends said .
why Iraqis are supposed to be abused always??
it`s funny..I think.

Good morning...
the weather is hot..and the electricity is bad.
the program is that it goes for 2 hours ON, and 4 hours OFF .
the cars are waiting since morning in front of petrol stations.
I have put new pictures about that, and about old Baghdadi houses and streets, it reminds me of my old days, and our old family house.
I`ll put the email I have recieved about my pictures..
he said he was helping me..
I have a question: why did he do that with out asking me ?
could I have to thank him realy?
well, I have no answer...cause I didn`t understand his vision.
is it true, to help Iraqis?
so, why didn`t he put a link for my site..I think that could be
I have put new translated post for the link of the war diaries.


I am the one that you called Theif !
ok let me tell you what this "Theif" did !
I think you should aplogize me and even thank me !

I didn't steal your photos in my name ! I just collected the nice photos ! in your Own name !
and also I e-mail to all of the newspapers and blogs . and made them to see this nice photos ! I tried to change world's think about iraq , and made them to see them !

the thing that you never did it ! I earned 3000 visitor ! and asked many places to see it !

I designed a nice template and a nice appearance for the blog !

well now please tell me ! Am I a thief ?
If you want , I can delete the blog ! but you will loose a lot of ppl that see the photos !
I earned a lot of visitors for your photos !

waiting for your answer


Sunday, May 30, 2004

Dear Faiza

But "asmar ahmad" is passing off your pictures of your children, even,
as his own! That's terrible. Talk about parasitical!

Kind regards

please send him comments...
telling him he is a theif..

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