Monday, November 22, 2004

Imagine you, with the bombs landing, glass breaking, friends and relatives scattered, perhaps killed, by MY people, sending me some of your strength. God no doubt has given you an infinite well of strength and compassion to share. Your sons show that so well. Majid talks of his first grade teacher (a woman - but our propaganda is telling us women can't go to school in Iraq - Ha!!) and the wonder of learning to read. Khalid writes of the true joy of summer being the ability to study more. Then tells us of his heartbreak at not being allowed to attend University of Iraq - because he is considered Palestinian? Raed continues his many humanitarian efforts, and makes us aware of the terrible toll this war is taking on the Iraqi people. We, among the youngest of Peoples on the globe, continue to destroy the very oldest civilization on the planet. No 'official' effort to understand, just more bombs and death.I sit here in my comfortable room, looking out at the wonderful San Francisco bay, and south, toward the airport. No bombs are falling; there is electricity 24/7; I can turn on the tap and get pure (well, relatively pure) water on demand. My family is well, and living where they want to live. I have so much and you have lost so much, and still you give more. Thank you again and again. No need to answer- you have much else to do. The letter you posted from Roberta in New Jersey expresses the feelings of so many of us. And it's still a mystery to most of us - here in the 'blue' states! - how so many Americans could have chosen so wrongly in the election. As you say, 'we,' the people of the world, who share the values of free expression and peace, and community - must somehow stay together, across borders and boundaries set up by political units from which we have no recourse, except in continuing to communicate and tell the truth as we see it to those who are not too close minded to hear it. Eventually, some of it has to seep into their brains!Continuing prayers for you all,

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