Saturday, November 20, 2004

Dear Faiza,

I am still reading your blog and have wanted to write to you for some time but each time I start I don't finish. There is so much and at the same time so little to say. Words cannot express my shame and anger at what my people are doing in Iraq right now. I have stopped watching the news on TV because it is so painful-- but of course you will laugh bitterly at my comment knowing as you do that my pain is nothing but a pinprick compared to yours and your nation's. How can I say I am sorry. Words are empty. The thugs and bandits are still running my country as well as yours. I am so ashamed and heartbroken. As you love your country I love mine and there is so much that is good about America and its people--the ordinary people, not our leaders. I wish we were not such a powerful nation so that our mistakes would not have such a major impact on the world. How could we have been stupid enough to re-elect the IDIOT for another four years. He is busy now solidifying his power and glorying in his victory. It seems to me as if the world is crazier and crazier by the minute. When the idiot smiles and tells Americans that he is fighting a war on terror in Iraq and that he is fighting the war there so it won't be fought here I become furious. How DARE he put the blood of thousands of innocent Iraqi's on MY hands. How DARE he infer that American lives are worth more than Iraqi lives. How DARE he tell me that he is killing thousands upon thousands of innocent people in Iraq so that I can safely walk the streets of New Jersey. It is offensive and it is not true. The hatred of America that he is creating will outlast him by many many years. Does this good "Christian" not know that we are all God's children? Has he forgotten that Jesus was the "Prince of peace" and that his mission was to the weak, poor and powerless? G-rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I don't know who these naive Americans are who write to you about their sons sacrificing their lives for Iraqi freedom. I suppose that the father of a boy in the army has to feel that his son is dying for a noble reason, but he is so mistaken. Wait until he realizes that this war is not about anybody's freedom but about money and power for those who already have plenty of both. Wait until his son comes home with no arms or legs or needing a lifetime of medical care and is tossed aside like a piece of garbage. Perhaps then he will figure it out. Whoever said that the first casualty of war is truth was right. And while I am on the subject, I don't think much of your Alawi either. Bush gives him a script and he just reads it. He seems so cold and tough. There is something reptillian about him--although I am sorry that his family was kidnapped. That must be very hard for him.

Well, so much for my angry tirade. Thank you so much for all the information in your recent posts. I am so sorry to hear about the destruction to your home and I hope your move to the new house goes well. I was grateful too for the links to Islam. I will use them. Interesting too that you are reading the diaries of T.E. Lawrence aka Lawrence of Arabia. I think he died broken hearted at having been used the way he was by his government, and he is a metaphor for all the problems between the West and the Middle East. Horrible the way France and Britain just carved up the bones of the Ottoman Empire after the first world war,without a thought of keeping the promises they had made-- and regarding the area as their personal property and not belonging to the people who lived there. It is from this act( and from the importance of oil to the West) that all the problems have sprung. How sad that the political acts of the powerful can cast such as long shadow on the lives of ordinary people.

Hmmmmmmm you inspire me-- I'm thinking about setting up a blog of my own. Maybe I will.

with prayers for the safety of you and yours I am,

Roberta in New Jersey

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