Saturday, October 30, 2004

good morning..
I have got many emails from western friends asking me about books talking about Islam.
this email I have got today from Islamic mind group,with many links about books..
well, I wish you have time to open that links and read ...may be you could know more about Islam..if you want.
have nice time.

Salam alaikum dear sister Fazia,
We are very pleased to hear from you. I hope you and all your family, along with all the Iraqi people aredoing well. InshaAllah things will get better overthere. There are various good books about Islam thatare introductory in nature. It is important toremember that when we suggest a book to a non Muslim,specially those that live in the West, we give them abook that is written primarily for a Non-Muslim andeasy to understand.
Keeping that in mind, you will find plenty of booksin the following link,
Some of the books from this link that I suggest areas follows:What Islam is All About Islam: The Straight Path What Everyone Should Know About Islam & Muslims You will find several other books in the link but theabove mentioned are the ones I am recommending. There are various books and information about Islamthat are also available freely online.
Sister Hannagave me a list of them.
hana_happiness: thats the link...i love that book hana_happiness:
Islam for Dummies is also a useful book.

I hope the information above is useful for you. Pleasedo not hesitate us if you need more information.

Maqsud Sobhani

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