Monday, June 21, 2004

Ms Faiza,

I read your blog ! Communication between different people , through the
blogs, the internet, or face-to-face , will save the world. Our leaders
are liars. They want war to make profit.

Sadly, most Americans do not care if Iraqi's die. The media won't
report it, it is not mentioned. One American dies in Saudi Arabia and it's in
the news for three days. Hundred die in Fallujah and there is silence.

America will stay in Iraq forever unless you force us out. The
Philippines did it through mass demonstrations in 1986. Yet our military snuck
back into the Philippines recently. The other way is through armed
resistance. These are the sad facts.

Please keep writing your blog.

Ben in the U.S.
well, thank you Ben..
you are the American kind that we all Iraqis want him to be our friend...and to help us to get the occupation troops out of our country....
when there are Americans like you..we`ll never lose the hope..
and yes we should use all the ways to get them out...out..out
of Iraq..

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