Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Good morning...
this is one of the emails I have received this morning...
thank you my dear friend...

America took over your nation because they want what belongs to you and your
children. The believe they have some devine right to own you and your
natural resources. America's democracy is as authentic as the one you are
about to have imposed on your country. Americans are as delusional about the
realities of their own political system as they are about your culture and
customs. They are brainwashed by a giant media system that feeds them lie
after lie. CNN is known around the world as nothing more than another
American Rag Magazine.

Saddam was a horrible dictator, but there are many of those throughout the
world that America won't touch. Why? Because there is no profit in it. The
oil benieth your soil is motive enough for America to kill your children and
dominate your nation under a guise of lies. Your nation will be drenched in
the same pathetic propaganda that dominates the minds and souls of millions
of westerners. I live in Canada, and we have the same problem. Children grow
up absorbing the American media, and begin to think like them.

America did not enter your country to save your people, they don't show the
death and destruction they have caused in their newspapers or on their TVs.
This is done so Americans will believe what they are doing is GOOD. It all
comes down to money. The American media told the people that your nation was
responsible for the attacks on their twin towers, and that Saddam had
weapons that threatened Americans. That was enough for them to support the
take-over you now live under. Money does all the talking in America. That is
what you must understand about Western Civilization. We are very sick. And
we are continuing to poison the minds of millions of people around the
world. Brainwashing people into thinking Soda Pops are "Cool", or that you
need 1,000 ring tones on your cell phone to be happy. It all comes down to
money and things, not people like you. Americans don't know that Iraqi
people are good people and normal. They have been taught that you are
"savages" and "uncivilized". Educated people who don't listen to propaganda
know this isn't true, but we are few and far between.

I am sorry you are caught in this web of lies.

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