Friday, June 11, 2004

Good afternoon again...
when I`m talking against America, or putting emails talking in the same direction..
it doesn`t mean I HATE American people...
NO, I don`t mean that..
I`m against the bad leaders , bad planning, bad policy...
and there is Americans who are thinking in this way...
it doesen`t mean they are not patriotic..
yes, I believe that good days had gone...and good leaders had gone
but we can still keep fighting to make beautiful life for all..
not just live as closed eyes humans..saying all the time that every thing is going perfect...
in fact we all know that is not true...
not every thing is going perfect..
there is cheating and lying and oppression...all over the world..
and we have to help each others..
we have to keep our minds opened, and our eyes..
thank you

Dear... mother?, (I dont know what else to call you--I dont know you well
enough to call you Faiza)

I apologize for my ill-mannered countrymen. We are a young nation, deep in
that awful time between childhhod and adulthood... You possibly remember
when your sons became 14, and they suddenly knew everything, and then became
contemptuous of those who didnt see like them... And became sullen and
sometimes violent when you pointed out problems in the way they think.
Maybe you were spared that experience of your children, but I'm sure youre
familiar with the way of thinking of the young, and the arrogant, and the
foolish, and the violent. Well, that's us. Sometimes I wonder if the dark
side of my country has obliterated what good qualities we have. But we do
have good qualities! I know it's hard to remember in days like these, but
we can be wildly creative, and loving, and original, and irreverent , and
self-mocking, and courageous, and kind... But it's true that at the moment
the America I love--the America of Mark Twain and John Coltrane and Benjamin
Franklin--feels as though it's being drowned in some poisonous lake.
Religious extremists, and lawyers and liars and the power-mad are speaking
the loudest these days--with their guns and radios and what I can only
describe as a hatred for life. But there are many like me, who hate the
haters, and we are fighting them. I know this must seem a kind of abstract
statement, and undoubtedly is a small consolation for the pain youre facing.
But I promise you that the mean-spirited and the violent are not the only
residents of the United States of America, and that those of us who remember
how to love are with you. I wish you peace, and hope, and promise you that
there are many many tens of millions of Americans who feel just as I do, and
we are fighting to remove this Bushy crop of life-haters from their position
of power before too long. It's a difficult battle, because the simple
language of hate and destruction is seductive to so many, and the more
difficult path of love and understanding is so demanding. But we are
fighting, many more of us than you or I can dream. This is a fight that
sensible people of every nation and creed are fighting, and must fight, as
the forces of darkness and hatred emerge to their full height around the
world--The forces of greed, and bigotry, and self-righteousness, and fear.
Together--you, me, open-thinking people the world over-- we will defeat
them, the haters, and together, maybe we can make a world where our children
will know peace.

Thank you for your courage and kindness and honesty, and I salute you


Los Angeles, CA

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