Thursday, May 27, 2004

Good morning..
I`m going to put new pictures from Baghdad..
but I want to write a comment about this letter I had received
from an American friend...
well, I believe that USA is not the perfect place on the planet..
there is no such perfect place.
it`s a country filled with many problems..
so, why don`t they save their time and money to use it for improving their society ??
and why they have the motto: we are the leaders of the world ,we are teaching others what is the right and what is the wrong??
no body is perfect....
help others?
yes, help others...but don`t try to force them to look and think
just as you WANT...
cause there is no one perfect..
just God , He is the perfect.
and somebody asked me about the new Iraqi leaders..
we all think ,in this time , the leader is coming due to an American specifications...
when the leader is coming due to Iraqi specifications..
we can say : we are free, and our country is free..
it`s a matter of time...
I think everything is going to be we wish.
but with time....
yes, it`s just a matter of time !!!

Dear faiza

I read your blog and everything the other American women told you about us
losing our rights is true. After the planes went into the trade centers
Americans were afraid and angry. The Bush administration took advantage of
the fear and anger to pass some laws that I think are unconstitutional. The
right to go into your home without a warrent, to take your belongings, to
arrest you and hold you indefinetly without charging you with a crime.

We were told that the Government had to "get" the terrorists and these laws
would help them to do that. Most Americans believed that at the time.

And yes, we do have a lot of very poor people here. We have a lot of social
welfare programs, but they don't give the poor people enough to live a
decent life. There are jobs, but the jobs for unskilled help don't pay
enough to live on. Many families struggle to maintain their families. In
rural areas people are very frugal and grow their own food. That helps.

The cost of living is very high. I don't know what things cost in Iraq, but
here it costs almost $4.00 for a gallon of milk, a small apartment cost
about $700 a month to rent. To feed a family of four would cost about
$125.00 a week, and that would be just for basic food, not the prepackaged
fancy kind.

Our schools are not the best any more. Some of the schools are dangerous.
Angry city youth have formed gangs and they fight each other, often killing
innocent bystanders. All of this has happened in the last 20 years.

America is in a moral and social decline. Many American families took their
children out of the public school system and schooled them at home. We call
it home schooling. In fact, I home schooled my children for five years.
They went to a public high school, but they went with their morals intact.

Drugs and alcohol are a big problem, many kids start using them in high
school and before. Drugs are illegal, but it doesn't seem to matter, kids
are still able to get them if they want them.

In America we still have the freedom to work towards change. There is an
opportunity to challenge laws that you don't agree with. One of the things
that I worked on for 4 years was a summer program designed for kids at risk
of failing in school. It is just one example of a way of trying to help.
There are people all over America working for change. I just pray that it
isn't too late.


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