Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Good morning...
I have put new pictures from Baghdad..
and I have nothing to say about news...
you hear and know every thing...
and I feel tired..
I don`t want to talk about any thing..


Dear Faiza,

I was looking at your site just now. I had read that article about the marine who at last questioned his behavior and the behavior of the armed forces in Iraq. I am glad that he began to think about what he was doing and stopped murdering people. But I feel so sad about the way human beings behave. I know that murder and hate and dehumanizing people has happened everywhere in the past, in the present, and will continue into the future.

Every time I see or hear about the abuse in the prison that is coming out in our media now, I feel like crying. I can't understand how people can smile and give the thumbs up sign next to a beaten to death Iraqi man. I can't understand how the marines can laugh and cheer when they kill someone. I can't understand how people volunteer in the first place to learn how to kill people.

If I wanted to, I could not read the news or look at the photograghs. No one at my work or within my social group discusses what is going on. I could live my life as if these things were not happening. But I do not close my eyes and the unfortunate people of Iraq do have the luxury of tuning out the atrocities that occur everyday there.

I wonder how my mental state would be if I lived there, because it depresses me when I read the news in the safety of my home or in my office at work.

Thank you for reaching out to others. Thank you for the pictures of the flowers from your garden. I have a lot of respect for you for the information you share that is not so good, but real, and for sharing the beautiful things in your life too.

I am not a very religious person, but I still pray for everyone who is suffering everywhere in the world and I pray for the safety of you and your family too.

Take Care,


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