Wednesday, May 19, 2004


good morning...
well ,this is my old friend..
I realy missed her poisoned emails..
now there is a new one..
but I still asking my self..
somebody hates me and my blogs..why they insint
reading and sending?
why don`t they keep reading pro-American bloggers?
and be happy??
and that blog was talking about GC member was written by khalid
so, if she likes to send her hateful email to khalid..
he will agree..

I hope all Iraqi women aren't like regards to the death of the governing council member...your comment was about the flag and the fact that you didnt know who he was...well if you took some time to look at the positive side of things instead of spreading your venom you would know what is going on.......Fox news has been showing photos of the Iraqi's who love the USA and President Bush........Thank God, all Iraqi's arent like you

P.J. Dahling

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