Monday, May 31, 2004

Good morning...
the weather is hot..and the electricity is bad.
the program is that it goes for 2 hours ON, and 4 hours OFF .
the cars are waiting since morning in front of petrol stations.
I have put new pictures about that, and about old Baghdadi houses and streets, it reminds me of my old days, and our old family house.
I`ll put the email I have recieved about my pictures..
he said he was helping me..
I have a question: why did he do that with out asking me ?
could I have to thank him realy?
well, I have no answer...cause I didn`t understand his vision.
is it true, to help Iraqis?
so, why didn`t he put a link for my site..I think that could be
I have put new translated post for the link of the war diaries.


I am the one that you called Theif !
ok let me tell you what this "Theif" did !
I think you should aplogize me and even thank me !

I didn't steal your photos in my name ! I just collected the nice photos ! in your Own name !
and also I e-mail to all of the newspapers and blogs . and made them to see this nice photos ! I tried to change world's think about iraq , and made them to see them !

the thing that you never did it ! I earned 3000 visitor ! and asked many places to see it !

I designed a nice template and a nice appearance for the blog !

well now please tell me ! Am I a thief ?
If you want , I can delete the blog ! but you will loose a lot of ppl that see the photos !
I earned a lot of visitors for your photos !

waiting for your answer


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