Saturday, May 08, 2004

good morning...
this is a typical letter from an American reader..
I can see the beautiful human feelings..even we don`t know each other..
but , I want you to read the other one...`s from the post of an Iraqi blogger..
she lived in USA...
where is her Iraqi??
I feel sad and shameful...
she had never , ever , been Iraqi .

Dear Faiza -
I am adding my voice to the many you have already heard from, hoping that you are inundated with responses as outraged as mine.
My sister & I were talking about Abu Ghraib and agreeing that we now (I should say now more than ever) walk around with our faces burning with shame. As Americans we should not expect forgiveness right now - that is a luxury we do not deserve . Nor is it so damned important for us to restore our "good name" so we can feel the nationalistic pride that's always being drilled into us here. Nor dare to hope the Iraqi people don't think we're all that bad.
Actions speak louder than words.
I want to see every speck of evil dragged out and aired in the light of day. We need to be forced to see it. I don't have much taste for it - but I have even less for all the lies. Maybe such strong medicine will cure some of the rampant poisonous patriotism abounding in this country.
I am angry about the sanctions, the attack & invasion of Iraq & resulting loss of lives (all of them), the hypocrisy of allowing our media to showing Iraqi soldiers surrendering or dead, then censuring Aljazeera for showing dead American soldiers & Iraqi civilians, the invaders' (oh, coalition forces) lack of preparation for securing the museum from looters (which, by the way, we have plenty of here), the way in which the capture of Saddam was shown, and all the self-serving crimes & needless destruction that has been taking place since the war began.
Faiza, you speak a "group of mysterious men approved by the USA & mistrusted by Iraqis" - that you don't them to draw your country's future. Very wise of you. I don't want them in my country either - they've made a mess of things. Let's hope we can get rid of them.
I wish to thank you for your work, & wish you peace as well.
Warm Regards
and this is from the post of Iraqi blogger...
So, why do Arabs hate Americans? They hate you for what you stand for. They hate you because they wish they were you. They hate you because they don't have your choices. They hate you because of your democracy and how well it works.
We've all seen your democracy in action this week. Give me one Arab country where its president apologizes for his army's mistakes. Give me one Arab country were army members could be punished for their brutal acts.

I hope I answered your question.

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