Saturday, April 17, 2004

yes...and this is another email..from the USA

I wrote to you a couple of days ago. I know you get many e-mails and you couldn't possibly answer them all. When I read your journal today, I had to write again, though. Your friend in South Carolina is right. Our constitution and Bill of Rights are really no longer true anymore. Since Bush took office, his administration (mostly attorney general Ashcroft) have slowly been taking our rights away. Now, in many states, police can seize and search a home without a warrant. They can listen in on our telephone calls and monitor our e-mails. I think I wrote before that I wondered if I would be put on some kind of list because I am writing e-mails to Iraq. Me? I don't care if they put me on a list! It's more important for me that I can keep a dialogue with you and your family, who I have so much respect and sadness for. I disagree with your friend, though, that the majority of people are changing their minds about the war. Yes, some are, but I am very disappointed to report that most Americans are like sheep. They are very easily manipulated. When they watch Bush speak, they say "Hooray! Let's spread freedom and democracy!" No--they are spreading the oil profits amongst themselves. I was amazed that Osama Bin Laden even mentioned Halliburton (Dick Cheney's company) in his tape! In my city (San Francisco), it is very anti-war and anti-Bush. The whole country hates us! I have a nine year old son. If, when he is 18, they try to draft him, I will flee the country with him. I will never let my son go to kill innocent people, just to die himself.

Anyway, the point is that we are told we are free. Basically, that means we are free to make as much money as we are able. I'm sure you are aware that we have millions of starving children here, hundreds of thousands of homeless people (many veterans) living on the sidewalks, our public schools are dangerous and falling apart. If we criticize the government in any way, we are called unpatriotic. As Bush said: "You're either with us or you're with the terrorists."

I hope this weekend passes peacefully for you and your family. I wake up every morning and read your journals every day. I'm very grateful to you.

My best,

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