Thursday, April 22, 2004

Well this one was angry email...I received it many days ago..
then yesterday she sent me a new hateful one
between love and hate??
I`m realy confused :(

Dear Faiza,
IraqNet Information Network :: For a Free, Democratic and Prosperous Iraq When I found your blog on the above website, I sent you a beautiful loving was long but thought out with love and understanding....I told you it was from a Mother to a Mother....I told you how I prayed for your and your family and hoped for peace....I told you many things from the heart...and I also told you that not everyone in this country hates our President...what I didn't do was to criticize my country which I love...I did not demean our President..I did not say terrible things about our troops...I tried to make contact with you for understand and friendship....but based on the emails that you publish daily...out of the many that you receive...(I am sure there are many like mine) choose to show only the emails from disgruntled Americans who have political agendas and letters that support hatred for the Americans....I am surprised and disappointed...for what you are doing is simply spreading the mistrust and hatred instead of trying to form bonds and friendships as a first step... Faiza, I think what you are doing is an injustice to your people...perhaps you might want to rethink the purpose of your it to promote understanding between our two people or to ferment hatred.....and more misunderstanding.....I still pray for your words are not out of anymosity....they are out of the true desire to sow seeds of understanding..


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