Friday, April 23, 2004

well ,Bush keeps sending troops with tanks and helicopters ..
and the internet keeps sending lovely letters from American friends
thanks God...

Dear Faiza,

I am amazed at the news here every day. I read many different places on the Internet—newspapers, blogs, media sites. A little TV news but I don’t trust it as much. Even CNN. Finally things are coming out from where they’ve been hidden. Every day so many more lies uncovered by the Bush administration.

I feel bad for Colin Powell in some ways. He has been their fool, they really used him badly. He was always known so much for his integrity. It was HIM going before the UN with supposed proof of the weapons of mass destruction that swayed so many. With his name, his belief behind it, suddenly it seemed that there must be real evidence if Colin Powell would say this.

Now it’s being revealed that he has been ‘out of the loop’. That they told Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia about the planned Iraqi invasion before they told Powell, the Secretary of State!!! That the information they gave him may have been falsied. (Wow, that wasn’t hard for the rest of us to figure out by now!) He is still trying to save face in the media now, but he has been badly tarnished.

It’s like a ‘magic spell’ has been (and still is) over this country. I mean where is the outcry! Impeach Bush! I think people are slowly waking up. Or liberals are waking up and speaking out more. Will it make a difference? Hard to say. He has the ‘reigns’ of power in hand, and we can talk and shout and shake our fists but if nothing changes, we just stirred the air around.

I also think part of the problem is conservatives are just more vicious. They get on television and ‘foam at the mouth’ with their anger and hate. And stir people up to destroy things. That’s what they did for Clinton. They spent millions and millions of dollars trying to find anything to destroy him. All they could find was that he had trouble ‘keeping it in his pants’. Like that’s so unusual for a powerful man.

So they try to impeach Clinton, the President of the United States for lying about receiving fellatio.
I know that we were the laughing stock of the world. How ridiculous. How can you take such people seriously?

So we didn’t, and now look what has happened. All the lies and the deceptions. The hundreds and hundreds who have died, thousands have been wounded. Billions of dollars spent—yet neither of our people are any wealthier. And there sits Bush/Cheney. Safe as can be. It makes me so sick and disgusted.

And who am I talking to? A woman who must listen to the sounds of War every day, and deal with the aftermath in her life in ways I can’t begin to imagine.

Many many years ago, back before the end of the ‘cold war’ there was a television mini-series that aired over several evenings. . I think it was called “Amerika” (with a ‘k’ instead of ‘c’). In that series, the Soviet Union had invaded our country and defeated it and colonized it.

It was very realistic. Night after night we watched Americans deal with being the oppressed. I still remember watching a parade, where the families in the program were forced to salute the “new” flag. It still makes my stomach hurt to think of it.

The outcry! The outrage! Showing Americans as such losers! I don’t watch a lot of television, so maybe they have shown it again. I've not heard it mentioned. I wish they would show it every year. Especially to military before they go off to another country, even if it’s just to be stationed. And to anyone who thinks going into another country and telling people what to do is a good idea. I wish watching it all the time would teach empathy for how being occupied must feel.

I’ve read that most services in Bagdhad are non-existant. Do you still receive packages and hand written letters from the Postal Service? Or United Parcel Service? Is there something you wish you had, some little thing maybe I could send to ease your life a little? I’m not sure what, but if there is, please let me know.

I must go back to studying for a test. Please take care and stay well.

Love and warmest wishes, Pam

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