Thursday, April 15, 2004

wednesday 14/4/004
Good morning.
Something insides me laughs and wonders where is that good?
But still I like to use this phrase no matter how hard the circumstances
Yesterday I told the boys not to use the airport road anymore. They laughed
at me and made fun of me and said mama don't exaggerate.
At night our nrighbour's son came and gave us pamphlets from the Iraqi
resistence declaring that the airport road is a military area used to target
coalition forces using it to send supplies to the south, and warning
citizens not to let coalition forces' snipers use the roofs of their houses,
and threatening to bring down any Iraqi house cooperating with the forces.
Ok...Here starts the war all over again.
A real one and not just lip service.
In the morning Abu Raed ( my husband) went to work before I did and then
called few minutes later saying don't use the airport road, there's
explosions and shooting. So, I used another road going through residential
He called again and said that a land-mine just exploded near his car and the
wind-screen was broken.
"Thank God for your safety, if it was just about the wind-screen then it's a
simple matter."
We reached our workplace and I took a look at the car. It looks sad with the
wind-screen broken and the backdoors opened and hardly can be closed,
Something was wrong with the car balance too and it needs fixing, and it
was covered with dust like it just came out of a battle.
If a house to house war started then it would be a catastrophe for both the
occupation army and us.
More casualties on both sides will fall, and Bush and his adminestration
still insisit on the war option and refuse the analogy of Vietnam and the
possibility of its repitition in Iraq.
Yesterday a young American from the south told me that they are using the
same tactics they used back in Vietnam: evacuating villages from women and
children and then burning them down with all the men inside.
I once again say that the ones running the American foreign policy are the
same ones who lived the war in Vietnam, and now they are determined to be
even more cruel to make up for their failure there.
Revenge is deeply seated in their hearts and they don't want to pull back.
Till when will thousands of innocent souls pay the the price for the dreams
of a failing cabal of criminals?
We civilians are totally innocent just like the soldier who has no other
option but to follow his orders and then returns home, but in a coffin.
Where is his youth and dreams? They were all sacrificed... No, not for his
country but for a small mob of criminals benefiting from wars.
Iraqis are defending their houses and families. They have a real cause. No
one is paying them a salary or offering them green cards.
Iraqis are fighting for the present and the future. To have a free country
with no occupying forces and no false slogans promising them with freedom
and democracy as a cover to occupation and enslaving them to serve their
When will Americans wake up and put an end to the atrocities this
adminestration is doing while making it look like its doing them for their
people's good?
Our lives stopped...
Schools and colleges are closed.
Fear and gunshot all the time and everywhere.
No one wants to sit down with the Iraqis and LISTEN to them, work things out
by the means of negotiations, and respect their point of view because this
is their country, their people and their future.
Don't beleieve that someone wants to destroy his country or his future and
that an occupier wants to build and construct.
Never believe this lie.
My heart feels sad and broken.
I gave instructions to the employees not to come to work if things got worse
in the next couple of days.
We're closed.....until further notice....

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