Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Tuesday 27/4

Good morning..
All news are depressing. Nothing is promising. Falloja is still on fire.
Things at Alnajaf threatens that it might be a new front, so we could be
even more happy! I feel hopeless and defeated.
Someone wants to destroy us, and he's making a very good job at it.
The whole world stands watching us.
Hearts and minds are confused wondering what is really going on???
We too, with open mouths and popped out eyes, are wondering: for God's sake
tell us what is really going on???
Did someone plan to make Iraq the battlefield for the war between terrorists
and their enemies??
Were ignoring borders' security and the state of lawlessness a planned thing
to draw America's enemies into Iraq where they can be fought?
When did the battlefield became Iraq instead of the US?
Iraq instead of Afghanistan?
what did We- innocent civilians- do?
Who cares about us?
Who defends us?
We go to our work and schools accompanied with fear and come back with it..
We hear explosions and the choppers flying day and night,and the fighter
planes flying at night.
I don't know what for!
Maybe they bomb Falloja and then fly back to Baghdad?
We don't understand anything anymore.
We want peace and security.
We want this insanity to stop...
Who holds the power to make it stop?
Who holds the power???
Newspapers, radio stations and satellite channels keeps presing on our
nerves. Maybe in The rest of the world they're getting bored of listening to
our news.They'll start looking for less enraging and disgusting topics..
I don't blame them.
Human beings are weak creatures with low threshold when it comes to
listening to painful and irritating news.
The world will get bored and stops listening.
The ones who planned for all this devastation will go on with their plans
Will they win??
I don't know.
If we were negative and weak, then they'll win.
That's the way it is.
people keep their heads low because they are afraid and they want peace of
But what about us? What's left of our lives?
What do we bet on?
People die for trivial reasons and our eyes are filled with tears and our
hearts are torn apart by sorrow.
The same hearts which dreamt of peace, love and happiness- like any other
heart- heart which dreamt of happy moments with our loved ones, where we
laugh and talk to them and dream of a beautiful future.
We are no longer one of people with such hearts.
We don't belong to them any more.
Sadness lives with us and we don't know who is our friend and who is our
enemy anymore.
Life became a trivial matter like a cheap movie that you wouldn't want to
watch even if you got a free ticket.
That's Iraqis' everyday life.
Who cares about them or about their daily problems?
Who will volunteer to defend them and stop this daily destruction?
I don't think anybody wants to do that...
I don't think anybody can do that..
God now controls everything, and does what he wants.
and we have nothing to do except to be patient and wait.
USA Today reporter visited us few days ago.
We talked about this site, when we started to blog and why.
Then I called the women and chidren from Falloja who were staying with their
relatives next door so he would interview them.
The fighting at Falloja was very intense at that time.
Then the article was published (
http://www.usatoday.com/news/world/iraq/2004-04-20-bloggers_x.htm ). It was
tasteless and meaningless and he didn't write a word about the Falloja
residents he met.
What exactly happened to César the reporter? I don't know...
But I can picture him apologizing and saying this is the way our media is,
sorry I couldn't write about them.
Thank you César.I understand what happened. You always show half of the
This is what I think would happen to the CNN reporter.
He won't air the film or he'll edit it so -again- it'll be meaningless,
empty and trivial.
I look at the USA, the land of freedom and democracy from Baghdad, the land
of destruction, devastation and sadness, and I smile bitterly and wonder
about the meaning of such words: freedom and democracy.
Or what's left of them.

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