Thursday, April 15, 2004

Thursday, 15/4
Good morning...
Silence in Baghdad means that its flaming out in other cities, my face is pale and my eyes look tierd, yesterday was a tough day, the accident near Azzam's car, and then a cousin of mine came to visit me in the shop, I was surprised and I cried when I saw him, and I remembered the days we spent together in our early childhood after his mother died and he came to live in my family's house, he lives in Germany since along time, and he is married to a German women, and he got the German citizenship too.
Bosh and Sharon made a press conference in the evening; they buy and sell other people's countries and ignoring the struggle of Palestinian people that lasted for the last fifty years.
The powerful evil always stand in front of the camera smiling, and forget that there is a god in the skies up there, who has rules and justice, that he implements it in his way, and defeats the stupid evil when he wants.
"Let them play till they face the promised day" God says in Quran.
I checked my mail, and I found a long email from my friend who lives in Chicago, telling me about the American states, the details about their history, traditions and habits, it made me smile, I felt that I made a tour all over the states, north to south and east to west, and she attached an article that she took from a newspaper, talking about how the city of Indiana is torn about the war in Iraq, and that there is a hi-schools that is sinking in sadness, where they held the pictures of young people who graduated from that school, and were killed in Iraq this month, and about yellow ribbon people are hanging on trees to express their hope that their beloved ones will go back home safe, and about the memories their colleges have about them, playing football in the school field.
At night, I went out to the garden in the darkness, the electricity was off, and the generator was on and making a loud noise, I sat on a chair and I though of those who die here everyday, Iraqi people, and about the Americans and others who died and the yellow ribbons wasn’t much useful for them, and they went home dead bodies, for what?
I wondered, and I cried and grieved all the lives that we, Iraqi and American people, have lost, I cried a lot, and I felt angry with everyone who lied and made this war for his personal benefit, a bunch of criminals who have no mercy, who accomplish their evil dreams and destroy the whole world from far east to far west, while we, the rest of people, sink in our questions and sadness.

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