Tuesday, April 13, 2004

This is the rest of the translation
11/4 Easter day.....

I imagine myself as an American soldier...and there's an angry Iraqi, who doesn't welcome my presence in his country as a foreign occupying force, how will I convince myself that killing him is necessary? And that the Iraqi's opinion is wrong?
1- My presence here is necessary because if I left a civil war will break out. So I won't leave, and I'll kill anyone who objects, because he's against the good will of the "Iraqi people". I've came here to help them and I'll kill the "villains and bad guys" who won't help me.
2- My government is honest and has no ulterior motives at all. It wants to build a free democratic state here by the American way. And I'll kill the idiots refusing this idea and standing in my way.
3-we are ALWAYS right and they are ALWAYS wrong...we'll keep killing and killing and killing until they concede that our viewpoint is right. Few of us will die and many of them will too, it doesn't matter, we believe in values, long live America, land of freedom and human rights. They are a bunch of ignorants who need a lesson or two in freedom and human rights, our way. Our Great American way.
The Iraqi is wondering: where did this idiot come from to lecture me about civilization?
My civilization is thousands years old and the whole American history started only for 200 years ago.
Americans are proud of their advanced technology, and see it as the pretty face of their country. Iraqis see it as the ugly face of the US which always used it to humiliate people and break them down when they had no right to do so.
Americans see that their society's values should conquer and rule the world.
Iraqis see them as rotten values that break down the society and dismantle it: an absent religion,drugs,diseases like AIDS, and laws that make
Homosexual marriage legal.
That is the Americans translation for democracy and freedom.
How can you bridge the gap between the two sides so they'd start listening to each other?
I don't see a way to do that in the near future.
Now tanks, helicopters and guns talk...
And dialogue between human beings stops.
That's exactly what the US administration is doing...in its way to convince others with its opinion.
I imagine Christ (BPUH) reaching out and spreading his blessings:
"Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace."

Sunday 11/4

Today is another day off.
Strike is still on.
I didn't feel like writing today.
I opened my email and found 50 new emails.
I sat quietly reading and browsing from one email to the other.
Most of the sympathizing emails are from women and most of angry despising emails are from men, in the US or Europe.
It really depressed me.
There's a great deal of misunderstanding and great deal of people who DON'T WANT to believe what we say and who make fun of our pains.
They were brainwashed by the media and it didn't let any chance for them to LISTEN to us.
Someone from the US told me the other day: you can win this war by media first and by killing more Americans .
Is this the only language people there understand?
Kill me or I'll kill you.
I wipe you off the earth or you wipe me?
What sort of failing culture is this? It destroys people and pushes them down the hill.
They are evaluating people just Binladen's way.
What's the difference between him and them?
They both make me sick.
There's nothing human inside them, just a stupid wild animal, who doesn't understand others or respect their existence.
A common disease with no cure: Stiff and small minds.
It's catastrophe for all humans that the ones ruling the world carry such Vision and feed their citizens with it by day and night.

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