Saturday, April 10, 2004

The morning is quiet...
today is a day off,houses are closed and the streets are quiter than any
other day...
last night was full of violence, the bombing started after sunset and lasted
till very late..
we kept hearing explosions both close and far away...the close ones shook
the house and the windows..
the distant ones sound like the west.. near abu Gharib and
alsho'la districts.

after 10 pm we heard sounds of near gunshots ...khaled went up to the
roof..and came back saying that an american vehicle was burning... fire and
smoke... I felt shocked and sad...I wonder whether it was empty or there
were poor soldiers in it? those souls lost in the last couple of days- iraqi
and others- who is responsible for them , what would he say to God? who
started the circle of voilence and fighting instead of love and peace...?

Today is Friday, mosques will be filled with worshippers, today is the first
anniversary of baghdad's fall to the hands of coalition forces, and here it
is, swinging again between the angry iraqis and the occupation forces.

Sorrowful Baghdad is going through another chapter of its hard tough story.

Its neglected streets loaded with garbage and with lots of holes due to the
heaviness of occupation's vehicles. Did it occur to the engineers who
designed the streets that one day vicious tanks are going to walk through
the streets destroying them with their heaviness.
I also wonder about baghdad bridges and how they can hold up to the tons of
vehicles and tanks that pass them daily?

the bridges are sorrunded with wires on both sides to protect the forces
from attacks with rocket lauchers, and masses of cement block the streets
making them even narrower and hindering the traffic even more..
here's the artillery going on again, like it's saying good morning...
next days are going to be tense, they will witness the end of the 40 days
following the murder of al-Hussien (PBH) and the anniversary of the murder
of Alsayed Alsadr, Muqtada alsadr's father...
the southern reigons will be full of anger....
If i were Bush, and if i was really honest in loving the iraqis and truly
wanted to help them, I'd have given instructions to the army to be calm and
withdraw from the clashes, to prevent bloodshed on Both sides.
and would go by means of political negotiations hoping to reach calm
didn't he learn from his mistakes yet ????
wasn't the blood of all the iraqis and sodliers of diffrent nationalities
enough for him?
I want him to explain to us how is he planning to make a bright future full
with destruction and blood?
He says he wants to make Iraq a model for the reigon...we wonder...a model
in what?
in murder,violence and destruction?
I never read in any history book or heard of a model formulated in such
weird methods. we bomb,destory and kill and promise them of reconstruction
and forming a strong bond of love between our nations?
where will trust and love stem from while u plant murder and destruction.
and you say there is a gang of thugs..
we kept listening to this on media outlets here and there and kept believing
that a trivial minority wanted to hinder the progress..
But what's going on today tells another story..
AlFlaluja, AlNnajaf and Karbalaa...All shouting in one united voice...and
the rest of iraq cities follow them..
and we all want to know..who is lying, misleadig and hiding the truth from
us and the whole world...
a handful of outlaws and criminals or a handful of leaders leading the whole
world off the cliff?
I recieved yesterday an email from a reader in portugal who told me that
next week is christian's Eid of easter( Eid alFis'h)..
It totally slipped my mind..

I felt that christians are like how we were last year,we didn't clebrate our
Eid. It passed like something that has no relation to us.We sank into sorrow
over our beloved ones whom we lost and into worry about what new misfortunes
the future was hiding.

If it was up to me, I'd have cried and apologised to everyone. and wished
them all a happy eid filled with sweet warm intimate moments with their
beloved ones.. But Alas..That's just a distant dream..Who can claim he can
celebrate eid and ignore everything happening in the world today?

Soldiers of diffrent nationalities are being killed every hour...away from
their home, families and lovers...

Jesus thier prophet was the prophet of love and peace.

Is there still any meaning whatsoever for such occasions?

the world is sinking into other values...violence,murder, destruction and
search for profits for the power-drunk mercy-less people who know nothing of love or peace...
They know nothing of it...It slipped from their dictionary long time ago.

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