Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Monday 12/4/004
It's quiet in Baghdad now…
But hot news is still dashing from the country side…..
One of the employees, who work for us, didn’t show up since three days, he lives in Abu Ghreib area, west of Baghdad, he and his parents had left the area this morning on feet, leaving their house that has been torn apart by the American tanks and air crafts, heading to their relatives house inside Baghdad.
They didn’t use cluster bombs this time, soldiers in the helicopters used their M-16s to shoot people in the streets.
I asked him: why did these clashes happen in Abu Ghreib?
He said that the reason is that the American's reinforcement and supply that goes to the army in Falluja takes that road.
A street are filled with the bodies of Iraqi's and Americans soldiers, burned American vehicles, few American soldiers taken as hostages, and loses between civilians, endless hell.
The western media try to make us look like monsters that don't know civilization, and who is afraid of having a bright beautiful future and prefers mess and destruction.
Media shows only ugly pictures and exaggerates a lot to ruin our image, and doesn’t show our reasonable talk and our moderate point of view, and never shows the violations that the American army is doing and makes justifications for it, like self defense.
They defense themselves by uprising and bombing residential neighbors, and using the towers of the mosques as bases for their snipers, collecting his victims in such a neat way.
And there is no media to expose them, and they make the victim look like an violators, and make good look evil.
How would I convince Iraqi's that the occupation army is working for their interest?!
They would kill me and say that I am an American agent.
And how shall I convince the Americans that they are wrong?
They would say that I am stupid women that doesn’t know a thing about civilization and supports terrorism.
The rational voices have been shut down.
Mess and ciaos took over...
This is how things are like on the ground...
And the American administration is in a trouble…
How would they regain the trust of the Iraqi population after they did everything that an enemy would do to his enemy?

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