Friday, April 23, 2004

Good morning...
sometimes the best Iraqi bloggers ARE from my readers...

hello faiza,

my name is david and i'm from malaysia. i came across your web entry over the internet, and i must first of all, express my condolences over your country. i think the american occupation has been very wrong- no thanks to george bush. to create the idea that iraq has weapons of mass destruction when it has none, has been a grave error. and it's even worse that bush decided to attack your country, that has outdated weapons with their hi-tech 'weapons of mass destructions'.
north korea has not hidden the fact that they have nuclear capabilities, and yet, the americans decided to attack iraq.
it's about oil. it's about greed.
the irony is that, the american media portrays their soldiers as 'victims' of wars: how much they have to suffer psychological turmoils, despite killing so many civilians. the media also portrays the iraqi as 'sub-humans' and as statistical figures. they lack the point of views of the iraqi people.
your people fight the americans because they just don't want them to be there, but the americans use the word 'freedom' and 'liberation' often, which makes them look like the good guys. but good guys don't kill civilians and don't instill fear and terror into the very people they want to help. the only way that iraq can gain stability is for the UN to take over the US in iraq. but then again; bush proved to the whole world that the UN is incapable of even stopping the invasion of iraq. and if bush gets reelected once again, the world is going to be on a brink of destruction.
it's funny, but your country's situation is greatly related to the crisis in the middle east. when stability is created and sustained there, every other countries in the world would be at peace.
i hope and pray for peace to eventually take its place in iraq as soon as possible.


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