Saturday, April 17, 2004

Good morning..
I received this letter yesterday..
Is she telling truth???

Dear Faiza

I’m very far away from Bagdad, but, however, very close. I even feel guilty living my ‘normal’ life while I follow the news from your country.

What you and your sons are doing, writing about your feelings and telling the truth to many people is very beautiful. I wish I could write in Spanish, my language, so as to be able to express in a better way all I feel about Irak and the destruction you’re suffering. I’m very, very sorry, I keep you all in mind day and night.

In my country, Argentina, we held important demonstrations against the invasion, knowing USA would go ahead no matter what we did. But now, after the massacre in Fallujah, I think they’re ended for good.

USA has made much evil all trough the world, in Latin America it has killed millions, directly or through puppet governments. All our richness is being taken away by their companies, many people are starving due to political agreements with them. It’s committing genocide by other means. My country produces food to feed 300.000.000 of persons. But at the present time, 15.000.000 of persons here are starving. Can you believe it? Of course you can! What, if not their greed, was the reason to invade your country?

I just felt to write to you because I feel useless in front of the terrible things that are happening in your country and this is my way of showing you solidarity. Many, many people here, most of us, are against the invasion. We refuse to call that a ‘war’. You’ve been invaded in order to get your richness and because of the power USA wants in the Middle East.

My thoughts are with you, take care.

Long live Irak and the resistance! I hope you shall reject the invaders soon and start living the life you deserve, close to all your loved ones.


Marya Cristina

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