Saturday, April 10, 2004

Good morning Baghdad!
Bombing noise, coming from deferent places could be heard all along last night.
Clashes in Adhamiyya neighborhood have been going for the last three days, bombing took place on Abu Dsheer area too, near Aldora neighborhood, streets today are almost empty, schools and universities are closed.
Today, a march will start from the mosque of Um ilma'arik towards al Falluja city to show support and promote aid.
The plate numbers of the cars carrying the humanitarian aid were declared in the local radio, to ensure their safety and to make sure that they wouldn’t be targeted from people of al Falluja or others.
People are marching to the hospitals from all over Baghdad to participate in the blood donation campaign; today hospitals stopped taking more blood because they are out of blood bags.
People are getting more angry and frustrated about what's happening, and they say that the Americans are trying to solve the situation using violence, the thing that can make the situation get only more complicated.
I had received lots of mail, supporting, encouraging and apologizing for what's happening, most of it from the states.
Only one email criticized me saying: why don’t you talk about the mass graves that Saddam made?
I replied to his mail, and told him that if those who were found in the mass graves were alive, they would definitely be fighting side by side with their brothers and sisters against the occupation...
How can I explain?
Occupation is such an ugly thing that human nature can't accept or live with, we love and respect foreigners, all foreigners, as long as they are not armed soldiers.
And we prefer to have a ruler who is one of "us", Iraqi, Arabic or Muslim, as long as he doesn’t represent (or related to) any foreigner party, whoever that party is.
And that is the reason why Iraqi's were patient with the injustice of Saddam for decades, the thing that doesn’t apply on the occupation, therefore it took Iraqi's only one year to revolt…

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