Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Dear Faiza,
Many years ago, a Jewish Mother and a Palestine mother had had it with loosing their children.,
They dressed in black and just silently went to the town square to ask for Peace.
Out of this an organization has sprung that is called 'Women in Black'.
They dress in black and silently stand in the town square at noon one day a week to pray for peace. This is going on ALL over the world.
There are groups of ' Women in Black' everywhere and in many, many cities, even way before the war in Iraq.
No marches, no leaflets, no meetings, no shouting. Just standing , ther edressed in black, as a symbol that war does kill.
My friend JoAnne has started doing this since 2002. We are a small 'town', 5000, maybe more in Summer.
JoAnne has stood there every Friday at noon, I join her as often as my bones allow, sometimes in a wheelchair or with a cane. ( I have a badly healed broken hip)
Sometimes, it's just the two of us, sometimes people join us. in a blizzard, snowstorm, rain or sunshine, we are there at our 'town square', which is our one stoplight :)
I made us a black banner with a white peace dove, that's all we carry.
We are fully prepared that people might throw things at us, so far nothing like that has happened. More the opposite, a lot of people honk in support, give us a smile .
I just wanted you to know that people care and pray for Peace to come.
Does it matter what language we pray in? I don't think so, we all believe in the same God, his first children, born right there where all the fighting goes on now.
I wish that most of the soldiers would truly understand the rich history of your country, maybe they would have more respect.
But learning about history is sort of a vague thing here. I was born in Germany in 1944 and people here like to call me Nazi...well, it gives you an idea about the level of education we have here. Nothing like I had in Germany, I know that. I had to teach my children many things and subjects myself, so they are well rounded in their knowledge.
I also remember occupation, we had British occupation in my hometown, it's a humiliating thing, no matter in what disguise it comes.
I read your blog daily, Raed's too. You have become dear to me, I want you safe, I want you to be able to go on with live, have many grandchildren who should live in Peace. I will keep on praying.
In Peace,

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