Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Dear Faiza, I love reading your family blogs. My heart
goes out to you. I can't believe that the country I
have loved and trusted all my life has started such a
devastating war.

Saddam was a bad leader but I can't believe this was
the only way to help Iraq.

i wish we would send an army of peacekeepers and
workers and materials to help rebuild your country
and bring the troops home. You don't need guns and
bombs and tanks and scared young men and women
shooting at anything that moves. From what I hear a
huge number of the National Guard (what a misnomer)
enlisted because they didn't have jobs and/or wanted
to further their education. Most of them are so young.

I have been standing for peace with the Women in Black
since before the war started. We stand together every
Friday at noon. We have been accused of being against
our troops and unpatriotic by some. Nothing could be
further from the truth. We just want war to become

Thank you and your sons for sharing what is really
happening there Bless you and your family

Mari in Oregon


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