Sunday, April 25, 2004

25/4 Sunday

Good Morning

Everybody is asking to listen to the news…Nobody wants to listen to politics

Good…And who said that those in Baghdad know and understands what is going on - more than those out of the country?

All the newspapers are playing the same music. The truth is, that it’s not music, in the romantic sense, relaxing ones nerves. These newspapers and its news destroy nerves. Before you finish two pages, you feel like you want to stop reading…and maybe that’s what should be done. Because there’s nothing to be understood - that’s what’s happening exactly. Everything is topsy-turvy - and it’s terminology as well.

Those facing assault and death in Falluja, the newspapers call them rebels, or gunmen, or betrayers. And you in Baghdad know that those people are facing a military operation, ‘the sorting out of accounts’ - and revenge….

But the world doesn’t understand what’s happening….Yesterday the CNN correspondent came. I suggested to him that I call the women and children
from our neighbour , those who were living in Falluja , he said, he couldn’t have a meeting with them. People won’t believe me there…..They will say those from the streets are liars.

The response is depressing. What world are we living in? The truthful one is accused…the liar says what he wants…and everybody believes him. Papers and votes have been mixed. And lying voices are stronger and louder. But our faith in God doesn’t shake. He will expose this lie in his own way….And will do more magic than the magician.


These explosions targeting civilians. Explosive-laden cars in Basra kill passersby in the streets and the children going to schools. And rockets fall on the popular market places in Sadr City…and kills children and women. And Hawn rockets on the Abu Ghraib prison kills prisoners and injures them….Everyone wants to say, this is what Iraqis do to each other….And only the ignorant believe. And photos of prisoners…and trucks laden with explosives on checkpoints….

The joke of the day….They found a car filled with explosives in Basra after the bloody explosions. And the owner said he came from Falluja to blow it up in Basra. What’s the distance between Falluja and Basra ??

The owner traveled around 600 kilometers in an explosives-laden car to kill innocent Iraqis? Is this is a logical story? We have a saying: When a crazy person speaks, a sane person should listen. As in: Think according to the logic of the story. Why didn’t he blow it up on an American checkpoint, for instance?

And how did he leave surrounded Falluja in the first place? And why didn’t he use all of that there? Silly stories filling the newspapers and creating anger.

Who are they kidding?

And a unit from the Iraqi army refused to fight against the people of Falluja. And the occupation says there’ll be a new power from Iraqi volunteers to fight against the people of Falluja. And we ask: Iraqi betrayers? Will they kill their brothers and get paid money?


And the Iraqi governing council was criticized by Bremmer. And news of their inability to stay in power in the upcoming period because they don’t represent the people. And Baathists will return to their jobs, especially university lectures. And the IGC member responsible for kicking out the Baathists is furious over this decision.

And news of the US administration’s anger at him, because he takes a salary of 340,000 dollars a month…..And gave them incorrect information….so let the information go to hell. Iraqi people wonder about homeless….and have nothing to put on the table for lunch…or dinner…And a member of the Governing Council takes that much pay????

Should we laugh or cry????


oh ....Iraqis!

You don’t have anything but patience

For the time…for every mask to fall….so we can discover these lies, and for the truth to become apparent. And let this black magic backfire.

And laugh a lot

I mean those who are still alive…will laugh….

Congratulations to them


This is our daily news....
so ,why you are going to spoil your day ????

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