Friday, April 16, 2004

This morning while I was online, a new friend IM'ed me on messenger.
A young guy from South Carolina, 23 years old. We talked about war, Bush and
He said that the American people are starting to refuse this war, not
believing its causes anymore and aren't supportive of continuing it.
I told him that we would like citizens of both our countries to be in a
state of friendship, with no war, no casualties and no victims.
He said that the media is exaggerating and inflaming people at the US. I
told him that this was just what Saddam Hussien used to do to us: wage wars
and then turn on his propaganda machine until we believed it. He told me
that he's afraid to receive a draft to join the army and be sent to Iraq. I
asked him to refuse. He said that they'll put him in jail. I said that's
much better than dying here, go to jail.
He said: I'll be put behind bars for 5 or 10 years, and my family and I will
be punished and our civil rights will be taken away from us or something
like that…
I could hardly believe. I told him that he's in America, land of the free.
He said: that's what you think. We are allowed to write emails, talk on the
phone and express our opinions, but we are not allowed to disobey orders.
I asked him: then what's the difference between you and Iraqis under Saddam
He said: nothing!
We typed the same sentence: they're all the same.
Yes, when anyone of them acquires power, he turns into a cruel monster that
doesn't listen or have any mercy.
They want us to be their slaves with no right to discuss matters with them,
just obey.
I felt sad for him and for the American people. They are oppressed like
us…Who would have believed?!
This war unveiled the lies and the fallacy to the American people and to the
people of the world.
I told him not to be sad and never lose hope. Keep the pressure on them
until they choose peace as their path. You are peaceful people, until now I
never met an American citizen who is cruel or arrogant. Most of them were
simple, kind and modest. But this administration doesn't resemble you. Just
like the case of us with Saddam Hussien. He didn't have the kindness of
Where do those evil doers come from and rule us?
But there's a bright face to this war. Now you know names of our cities and
you greet us in Arabic. He said: yes… Nassiriyah,Karbalaa and Fallojah.
I laughed and told him that I've learned most of the states' names by now
and how to find them on a map because of the many letters I received from
I sent him a smiling face, and he sent me one too.
Last week came a journalist and a photographer from USA Today. We talked
about war and what's going on in Fallojah. I called the children who came
with their family to stay with their relatives who are living next to us so
he can interview them. They escaped from Fallojah and fled to Baghdad. We
had tea and I said: we are different, but we are not necessarily enemies.
You have your culture and your point of view which are different from my
culture and my point of view. You are a Christian or maybe you don't believe
in God. I'm a Muslim and I adhere to the teachings of my religion. I have
ancient history. I love Arabic poetry and literature. I'm proud of my old
heritage. But this doesn't mean you should be my enemy. Being Different
isn't an excuse for hatred. Quite the opposite, we can be friends, we can
learn from each other and we can laugh at peculiarities we both have. We can
avoid being stupid and self centered, hating each other, sheltering behind
our beliefs, and closing the doors.
They laughed and nodded their head in agreement.
Why didn't the media corrupt us and make us enemies???
Because we have a free space in our minds, a space we use to choose the
rational way to evaluate things with.
We don't fall for any poison the media is spreading and just believe it.
Oh, by the way. I just remembered.
There's a site spreading poisons against the Iraqi sites which wouldn't lie
and cheer for the occupier.
I suggest it changes its title to (snake's venom).
I think if we agreed one day to take a day off to rest, the webmaster of
that failing site would be mad, left with no goods to sell.
He'll spend his days wandering in the streets, throwing stones at birds,
like any trivial person with nothing to do.
I pity him.
That type of people, a model like Saddam's intelligence which chased
innocent Iraqis and prevented them from saying the truth.
It's a model any civilized people should be ashamed of.

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