Monday, April 12, 2004

11/4 Sunday.
Good morning…
Today there are two anniversaries, the first is the killing of Al-Hussein and the other is the rising of Jesus peace be up on him.
They both were wished to be dead, by powerful unjust people, because they both insisted on saying the truth, and they both were right.
They both were good people; I believe that God the mighty in the skies is saying today: this is a Muslim and this is a Christian, and all of you worship me, why do you treat each other in such a bad way?
The strong among you are killing the weak ones, and taking away everything that belongs to him, and always gives justifications, a big book that includes old and new lies, called the book of justifications, the powerful evil people have been using it for thousands of years, to give their ugly actions enough explanations to make it look good and innocent.
Yesterday I received a very nice email from an American citizen, a lady that works as a nurse, and lives in Michigan.
She told the history of the United States in it, and made me think a lot, and imagine the picture and try understand exactly how an American citizen thinks, basing on his history in education, and what the media tells him.
The independency war, then purl harbor, then WW2 to get even and regain pride and dignity, and they did indeed, and then Vietnam and I am not sure if this too was about pride and dignity too?
I think the answer is yes.
This dignity issue became a magic key that opens all stuck doors, and closes all the objecting mouths to.
A smart game, that leads people to disasters, while they are pleased and happy.
Lets get back to Vietnam issue, it seems that this dignity thing didn’t work well there, so it turned into hell, and American people refused to go on in this dangerous game, because the loses were so great, even greater than the feeling of victory or pride, and these feelings turned into sadness and sorrow, huge loses in lives, and a war that makes no sense and still willing to take even more if it continue, so it stopped, but it was a painful experience that American people went through, and some considered is as a tough lesson, that should be used in order not to make similar mistakes, and others want to start new wars, to gain victory, and get over the disappointment of Vietnam.
Till this moment, when you demonstrate the history of the American leaders, or those who are running for elections, you'd find that most if not all of them served in Vietnam in away or another; it gives you the impression that it’s a quality that you must have to be able to lead this country.
Ok…now I started to get it., first and second Bush, Kerry, Paul, Cheney, Ramsfield, the whole picture became clear and funny to me, there are closed minded people who are controlling the fate and life of Americans, I used to think that its only us who are controlled by a closed minded minority that give so much importance to the past, and despise and imagine the "other", and I found that the whole world are using the same way of thinking regarding the issue of "we and others", the same ugly way, that prepares people to eliminate each other for the interest of a minority that have no mercy in their hearts, a ruling minority, that is very similar to those who wanted Jesus dead, and those who wanted Al-Hussein dead…
They never changed…through thousands of years.
And after the "culture of dignity" was used to the very limits and it was no longer strong enough, they invented a new one: be afraid of others, destroy and kill him to guarantee yourself and your family a happy safe life, and that's what American people live now: the "culture of fear" that is fed by the media.
War against terrorism, war on Iraq all can be justified under that slogan.
And again, mouths are closed, and drums of war are knocked…

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