Saturday, April 10, 2004

Baghdad witnesses a general protest today, in both governmental and private sectors.
You could hear explosions around the city most of the time today.
Yesterday, bombing and shooting hardly stopped between the two sides.
People in mosques are praying for god to be with Iraqi's and to support them and give them victory against those who hurt them and kill unarmed civilians.
Some people came from Falluja as refuges, I saw many families that came to stay with their relatives here, the Americans used cluster bombs against them, and kept them with neither electricity nor water.
The grave yard of the city is completely filled; they are using the football field as a grave yard temporarily.
The Americans allowed women and children to leave the city, but prevented men.
People of Falluja say that those who messed up the four bodies of the American soldiers aren’t from Falluja, and they keep wondering why don’t the Americans use their intelligence to capture them instead of killing 450 people from Falluja, or is it just revenge?
Fighters inside Falluja have old Kalashnikov guns, and RPGs.
Americans are using the latest hi-tech weapons ever made, the regular and forbidden ones too.
And they pretend that Iraqi's are attacking and hurting them?
What is the revenge policy good for?
It will plant hate and desire to revenge in the hearts of Iraqi's for coming decades.
Who is benefiting from all of this?
My heart is sad and broken.
And I have no answer.
One thing left to say, I want to condemn and express my deep sadness for the accidents of kidnapping civilians, Japanese or any others, we refuse this irresponsible action and we pray and ask god that they all go home safely.
news are bad and the situation is getting worse and worse.
Residential neighbors are being attacked by the Americans as soon as any bullets come towards them in the dark; they enter the neighbor, shoot randomly and get out.
These are the orders.
Today, we have an interview with an American newspaper, I am going to call the neighbor's kids who just came from Falluja yesterday, to tell the reporter about the great achievements of the American heroes against the civilians there, and I want American people to read that and know it, and to ask their government about what they are doing there.
Those who came to "liberate" us from Saddam have caused mass graves, except that this time, it's in front of the whole world.
What are you going to do about it?
The eyes of children which is filled with horror, carries that question.

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