Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Tuesday 9/1/2004
I don’t now why but, the word federal government, makes me think of a family that was split apart some time ago. If this family’s members are at a certain level of maturity then they will be able to deal with the matter somehow and each enjoy independence without completely cutting each other out. If the family is living in a state of chaos, if they have no regards to priorities then this would be a disaster that only makes matters worse. This is the state of Iraq now and the suggested confederate solution. It will awaken the spirit of divisiveness and animosity and each group will attempt to get a bigger piece of the pie for itself. I have heard of many cases of humble families where when the father dies, the married sons sell the house. As a result of their stupidity and selfishness and the egging of the wives, they each attempt to get a bigger share of the inheritance. The family becomes divided and they lose all contact with each other, each thinking that the other cheated and got a better share, the bad feelings linger from one generation to the next. Why can’t we live in one country under one banner, one flag, one nation?
Haven’t we passed the time of oppression with the fall of Saddam Hussien? We want to be build our new democratic country, so why divide the house and the riches and we each will get isolated in a room in this house feeling like enemies. Who loves Iraq? Who wants to see Iraq strong, united and harmonious? But other people have other purposes, some of it is known and some of it is not. Only god knows the truth. I am afraid that the occupation will create a reality on the ground that will be difficult to change later on. The occupation will leave behind a leadership that is favorable to it, that continues to implement its vision and purposes, even after the army has left! And then they will say … go ahead have elections, elections to decide what? If the essential matters have already been decided without involving the people what is the point of having elections after the fact? Really it is just a play that people enjoy to watch because it makes them feel as if they are part of the decision making …. This is the democracy that we have been dreaming about in a long time? I wonder are we such an ignorant nation that we don’t know what is in our best interest? Or is that the strangers can’t stop meddling in our business and planning our futures and the futures of the coming generation? Why do they meddle in our business? What gave them the right to enter our house and make themselves masters of it? And so the time passes … some us are ignorant and clapping for them, some of us is stupid and trying to benefit from them, some of us are naïve and don’t know what is going on around, some of us are angered and throwing bombs without a purpose and some like me are sad, a tear runs down my eye, the sadness squeezes my heart … The thoughts keep running in my head, why don’t they leave us alone? Why can’t we live in peace is a way that suits us?

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