Sunday, January 04, 2004

"Le Mer Miserable"

I live in a really nice city, where a dictator governed for 35 years, creating anti-culture walls around the city and making it really locked... A river splits this city into two parts ... And this river was hand-cuffed for all these years... No one was allowed to sit by it or talk to it or even look to it, due to 'security reasons'.
in 9th of Apr. this great Tigris was finally freed, people could talk to the river, and everybody noticed how much the river cried after the war ... But that lasted for only couple of months... Now, the river was hand-cuffed again by people 'he' doesn't know and haven't met before. Once again, the Tigris cant listen to people talking to him or looking at him or sitting by him... Due to 'security reasons'.
poor river.
poor people.
poor city.
poor me.

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